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Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

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21 hours ago, tuner4life said:


Painted mudguards kinda pops out interfering streamlines, isnt it ? Black tires + black mudguards sort of are on they own and dont mess up with the body. IMHO

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Not everybody's cup of tea but I like it and so does everyone who sees it in person. Many cars have painted mud guards as standard. Our 1998 C70 does and that's where I came up with the idea. Looks more modern and sleek compared to the bare plastic.



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IPD skid plate arrived so I got that installed. Here is what you have to remove from the skid plate to install it on an AWD car with the vibration dampener box still installed on the angle gear:



I forgot after-cutting pictures but it looks the same only without the shaded area.

Met up with my brother last night and got some quality pictures for once. Gonna just bulk dump my favorites here in no particular order.



















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Thanks! And thank you for all your technical help along the way!


A couple of things to update. 

Here is the sacrificial XC bumper I got from the junkyard to keep the R bumper safe in the winter. I was lucky enough to find all of the shields, grilles, lights, etc. It's getting painted Saffron next week to it will sort of match. 




Also, here is kind of a public service announcement for anyone lowering an AWD P80. RELOCATE YOUR BRAKE HOSE MOUNTS TO THE CAR!!  I had been hearing a light rub whenever the rear would dip over bumps. I blamed it on the tire hitting the fender liner and didn't give it much more thought... Until I was working on something else and noticed that the brake hoses were nearly touching the tire when the car was sitting on the ground. :blink:.  There are little rubber protective donuts on the brake hose and those were very worn down where they had been contacting the wheel. I never noticed this before because when the car is jacked up, the hose makes a nice arc towards the inside and clears the wheel with plenty of room to spare. But with it being lowered as much as it is, the brake hose is pulled into more of a straight line shape once the car is lowered down. This is made even worse when the car hits a bump as the caliper gets even further away from where the hose is mounted to the car. Luckily I caught this before the hose was actually damaged, only the rubber donuts were worn down. Anyways. I made little brackets out of the piece I removed from the IPD skid plate I relocated the hose further inward and upward. In the pictures the bolt at the bottom of the bracket is where the brake line used to go. There is plenty of room to bend the hard lines into this new position and it fixed the issue giving plenty of clearance between the hose and wheel even at the limits of the suspension travel. Another crisis avoided.

I know the brackets are a little crude, but they work fine for whipping them up in 20 min.





I also had to remove the lower downpipe and smack/shake/blow it out because there were some small pieces of carbon, or catalytic converter, or something inside and it would rattle like crazy sometimes. I was going to lose my mind. I should have done a better job before I installed it. 


Took the dogs to their groomer. It's a nice drive around a small lake. Autumn looks good on this car!



And another because this is the clearest sky we will probably see again until spring..



Was off work last week and once I got it back on the road from the fuel leaks, the above-mentioned things were the only issues. We put almost 500 miles on it last week and I am very happy with how it has turned out. Besides the ABS/TCS issue that I'm going to ignore until I can find someone with the proper test equipment, there have been no headaches or surprises. 


Things that I'm still going to go (maybe not till spring?)

-New Pierburg TCV (on order)

-Install hatch panel with new hardware and repair kit (on order)

-finish de-rattling everything (likely forever)

-Stereo install (Head unit, speakers, amps, sub tube, etc.)


-Get the factory keyless entry working again

-Give the local auto-X a try?







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The trim on the XC bumper will stay black. To be honest, I was originally going to just paint the colored parts flat black and call it a day (remember, this bumper will be crashing snow banks for 4 months of the year). But my OCD got the better of me and it needs to be at least a little bit Saffron to tie it into the rest of the car. Probably not this winter but definitely before next winter, I plan on fabricating some sort of rally style brush guard to go with this XC bumper. Something with a cluster of fog lights and a skid plate that would come forward off of the IPD plate. 

3 hours ago, Andzey said:

With stance great like this, the fully painted rear XC bumper + double puffs would look awesome. 

Not sure what you mean by "double puffs", but the rear bumper is staying as it is. Only changing the front bumper for winters.

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In the past, people have used a brush bar from a Ford F-250 as a lightbar on the front of their wagons. Steve (ghostshadow) was the first to do so on his XC - other mods included 27" tires, camo, etc. 

That may help you find something that works as a light bar. 

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I remember seeing a picture that fits that description a few years ago. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore. I assume it is forever lost in photobucketland.. But yeah, something similar to that style, but with something to protect the fog lights too maybe? idk. I'll probably end up fabbing something to fit.

Here is sort of what I'm after:  (random pics from google)




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This is the only photo I can find of Steve's battlewagon:



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