Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R


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Over the past weekend, I went up to a friend's place who is also into Volvos.. Met up with Dan Maley and let the Saffrons have a little quality time together ;) 




Nothing much else to note at this point. Winter mode is still in full effect, I pulled my annual stunt of ripping the rear splash shields off in a large puddle again. Salvaged the right side and am in need of another left.. 

Upcoming summer plans are going to include:

-Stereo system

-Tweak rear springs (currently on cut R springs and Euro Nivos with drop bolts. It's a litttle bouncy, I want to try Trimmed XC springs and see if it's a little smoother)

-More maintenance and chase pesky little issues

-Jewels or ABMs if I'm feeling frisky.

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Over the weekend, I went to the Gilmore car museum in Michigan for a Volvo gathering. It was brutally hot, but there was a nice turnout, and I got to meet many great people. Even parked next to the one and only Robert Spinner! 

Also to note, this is probably the cleanest that this car has ever been in my ownership. 









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It's been a little while, but not much has changed on this car. It still has the same quirks that I went through in a recent post, but I also drive it almost every day and I still love everything about it. Just figured it deserved a little love as it's been a while.





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