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SOLD! - 850/x70 Volvo Front Hub Assemblies (2) PN 274378 - pair $225 shipped

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I have 2 Hub assemblies for 850/70 front hubs. They are part# 274378. They are brand new. I bought them for my old 98 C and never installed them. According to Tasca they will fit 94-97 850 and 98 s/v/c70. I thought they would fit my 2000, but no...

I would love to trade them even for 2 for my 2000 C, PN 272456 as they are the same price based on Tasca. I would pay shipping both ways.

Otherwise, $125 each shipped CONUS, or $225 shipped for the pair CONUS.





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    • By Andzey
      Please take a look to this, press on the figure for larger resolution:

      This is a minor corrosion in one of the liners. This engine was kept outside without manifolds for some period and got moisture and rust in this pot where the valves were open. Interestingly the rust emerged on the liner/piston contact surface, not the upper part of the liner. The material degradation however is more visual than measurable.
      I am planning flexi-hone all five liners, and would like to hear you comments, if this block can be used after flexi-hone or it must be properly rebored. Flexi-hone here costs around 10$ per barrel and I dont want any pointless activity and expenditures if that block will serve as a base of glass table.. 
    • By Leo850T5
      Set of used OEM roof rails in good condition. Only comes with 3 screws (hardware incomplete) 
      Asking $80 Shipped for the pair. 
      Location is 48103

    • By Leo850T5
      OBX aluminum strut brace Type V2 model for a P80 850, V70, S70, C70. Used in good condition, one of the mounting points is slightly bent but the material is soft enough that it doesn't really matter. Asking for $75 shipped.

    • By RobT5M
      It's all for sale. 
      I'll be checking back frequently because I have stuff for sale and will be adding more each week/end. 

      Prices are mostly OBO (just in box me) and mostly before shipping unless stated (shipped).   
      It's kinda like a yard sale, toss me a price if you don't like mine and ill either say no or ok.   
      If its on here its because its an extra part no longer destined for my car or I no longer need, so im not attached. 

      All my stuff is tested unless stated, I don't sell shit. 

      For the SC901's 
      I have at least 1 full combo of the SC901 - 4x100w Amp - Dolby Processor - Center speaker - CD cassette
      If anyone's interested, you should throw me a number in a PM before the set gets broken up.  
      SC901 #1 PN 8682113 - $100 shipped
      Have Radio Code - Tested

      SC901 #2 PN 3533946 - $100 shipped
      Have Radio Code - Tested 

      IPD P80 ~98 Upper poly mount, plenty of life left - $20 shipped SOLD
      4x100w C70 Amp - $60 +S

      White injectors with approx 160k on them - $36 shipped - SOLD
      C70 Fogs - $40 +S

      I'll post more as I find it.  

    • By RobT5M
      Back story. 

      Replaced driver side axle after it broke a few months ago and went on my way.

      slowly over the last couple months a vibration started and eventually got worse. 
      Replaced pass axle over the weekend as it was worn and needed to be replaced.  
      Vibration under load (accl) decreased exponentially but it is still there a little. 

      What should I be looking at/for?   

      Wheel bearing on pass side?    
      Pass side lower motor mount?  
      Driver side axle? 
      I've heard the pass side motor mount can cause a vibration under load when bad, did not replace it when the engine was out, just front, rear and upper mount. 
      Fishing for answers/suggestions.