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VVT Plug bottoms out on Camshaft screw head / 2007 S60 T5

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Searched Forum, lots on SPARK plugs, but nothing (I could find) on VVT plugs.

After replacing exhaust VVT, I noticed the gear/hub was turning very rough, throughout its small range of rotation ... an awful, metal-to-metal type of feel. Didn't seem right at all.

Knew I hadn't overtorqued the camshaft screw (88 ft-lb), but figured I'd better remove the hub. Took out the plug, and, lo-and-behold, the binding was gone. Put the plug back in, and ... binding again! The plug is actually bottoming out on the screw head. This can't be by design. Does this binding go away when the cavity is pressurized? Was there a spacer that fell out when I removed the old hub? It's the same part number I took out, Volvo OEM 9497786: IPD and eEuro say it fits, FCP says it does not.

Anyone else experienced this?

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Yes, hub seal plug bottoming on VVT torx cap screw.  I re-used screw, since it's not locking type.  This grinding feel just can't be normal!  Any and all assistance appreciated!

(Guess maybe this should have been a "POST" instead of a "QUESTION" ... Bear with me, I'm new to this forum)

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    • By SAR
      2000 V70R 145K. Just got it a few weeks ago. The previous owner rebuilt the engine about 5K ago. I have a recurring P0014 code. Went to dealer, they said it was the CVVT solenoid (I had my doubts, but...I let them replace it) after about 50 miles, the 0014 code came back. They said that the hub was OK, but I don't know if they checked the timing. The car is sluggish with the code set, but seems better if I reset it (or when they did it at the dealership).
      Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can look at? Possibly Cam Position Sensor?

      Thanks in advance.
    • By Che'_Moderator
      Special thanks to Josh for all the work he put in on this:
    • By cruzer555
      Well I popped this CEL a couple weeks ago, cleared it, and sure enough it's baaaack!

      From my research, most likely its the VVT solenoid, as the timing belt was done years ago so timing hasn't been screwed up. Before I spend the $120 on it though I just want to get everyone's input on here on whether it could be something else. I saw one mention of the camshaft position sensor but thats it.

      The last thing I should mention, yesterday the time the car popped the CEL again, it was a cold start and took quite a bit longer than normal to crank, this sounds like camshaft position sensor to me but what do you guys think?
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      I'm starting to get some mis-fires (and a check engine light from those misfires) so I'm going to get new wires. I already replaced the plugs and the wires were already on my list cause they are original from when the car was made. I'm just wondering what types to choose from. I personally like and have heard good things about the kingsborns but I want the wires kind of soon and they need to be shipped. I could also get the generic duralast (ick no thanks) or get Bosch wires ordered into auto zone. Just wondering what I should go with. any opinions would be great.