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FTDI (VAG-COM) cable on Windows 10

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OK guys, problem solved!


I checked realterm today. What I found led me to the solution ;). See attached screenshot.

The cable I am using is the one everyone I know uses, at least here in Germany, as it is sold together with a copy of the diagnostic software "Brick Diag" on ebay.

Apparently the chip seems to be fake.

Anyway, I went on my company laptop which has an old driver version on it (and due to lack of permanent admin rights it has never been updated). The version was from before FTDI rolled out a version allegedly bricking devices with fake FTDI chips via Windows Update. That was taken back later but they seem to not have removed the checks altogether.

So, I installed the driver version "2.10.00 WHQL certified" and voilà - everything is working as it should.

As to what tablet I use, see the dedicated tablet thread.

fake ftdi windows 10 2.12.06 CDM driver.png

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