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Sorry about the outage earlier. I was hoping to get lucky and not have to take site down, but updated to php needed an apache up-date and restart. Over the next few days I will be applying all of the updates I have been working on so expect a little site weirdness. If you have any bugs that persist after clearing cache of Volvospeed temp files, feel free to submit a bug report under the support tab at the top. 

Some of these updates are moving towards upgrades I have planned for this server. I hope to have the site running mirrored on new box within a week or so. New box will be dual e5-1650s for those who care. That should help with server side a good bit, but main bottle neck is still i/o. I saw some black Friday sales pop up on drives and ram. If we can raise a little bit of money we can upgrade the SAS to RAID 10 which should help A LOT, donation link in sidebar. So if we hit our goal that is the plan. If we do not get close I will just throw another 16gb in the machine and increase cache threads. Either way, expect the site to be a lot faster in the next few weeks, and hopefully I have gotten to most of the bugs. 

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I have over a hundred files to upload that should help quite a bit with search speed and everything else. More ram and allowing more of it for xcache will also help a great deal for most pages. Things that cannot be cached though will really only speed up with the i/o crunch fixed. IE moving from Raid 1 to something striped like raid 10. 

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DDR3 1866 ECC. Would be a huge help if you had a few sticks laying around.

As an FYI. Cpan on this box was a few versions out of date. When it updates it goes one version at a time so it has basically 2 more full updates to do. While server is updating site will be slow but stable. It will restart apache when it updates PHP, but apache restart should be under a minute. So bad news. Slow site today. Good news. Any downtime should be very brief. 

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Will 32GB of this work?

  • Specifications


    • Mfr Part Number: HMT41GR7AFR4C-RD
    • Type: DDR3
    • Capacity: 8 GB
    • Speed: PC3-14900 1866MHz
    • Size & Bit: 1G x 72
    • Pins: 240pin
    • ECC: Yes
    • Registered: Yes
    • Chip: Hynix
    • Single Rank x4
    • CL 13, 1.5V





If it will work PM me your address and Ill overnight them to you

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Nah its ecc, it was in our server spares drawer in the LAN room I found 3 more packs of 32GB today. They were for the R710's we no longer have. Have a couple 8 TB drives also but I have to make sure they have no data on them.

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