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New server is ready to go. Currently waiting for the DNS to drop the TTL so I can make the swap. I will leave it at 300 seconds for a few days with the hopes that minimizes the amount of people getting the old IP. Should go pretty smooth however since the name server is the same and the new server is on the same case of IPs. I know there will be issues however so please report any you see in the bug tracker after checking for duplicates. 

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Ok most DNS severs are showing the new TTL times. So I will be moving the site over tomorrow. Should you have any issues they should resolve on their own in 10 minutes of less. If not, or if you are impatient you can refresh your DNS from bash with the following commands:


Windows: ipconfig /flushdns

OSX: dscacheutil -flushcache 
    sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Linux: restart network-manager

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At ~noon today I will be bringing the site down to complete the move. At this time the name servers and data files will be moved over to populate from the new box. Downtime should be under 30 minutes but there maybe some glitches that keep pages from properly displaying. Post update please use the bug report section to identify any problems. 

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