Three questions for democrats


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I do not want to be affiliated with any one party.  I use the old joke, i wouldn't want to be in a party that would want me.(revised lol).

i do miss out on the primaries and it does pain me, but i do not want to pick one just to be a disrupter either.  I never voted for a Dem before BO.  

i wasn't nearly as active in following politics like i am now either.  I give W credit for waking the Bear,  i truly have grown to despise him.  


i will not switch.  One of my friends wife ran for school board, At least here you can run on both sides of the ticket.  They asked me to nominate her on the Dem side.  i could not obviously, but my wife did it for her.  We caucused and i was amazed at how many Indi's were in my little town.



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