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CODE: C0003 TCS Control Channel "B" Valve 1?

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Hello, got a 1996 850R Estate (wagon) 170,000 miles and have a check engine light on.

I got the codes ran : P0172 (vacuum line/hose leak) and C0003 TCS Control Channel "B" Valve 1 (subfault).

What is this C0003 code? I mean, any thoughts what this means?

I appreciate any and all help as I am trying to get this squared away.

I used the search and advanced search tool but came up with nada and can't find any info on the web.


1996 850R 

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I'd guess it has to do with traction control? TCS is what the traction control switch I believe.

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Hey ODN, yes I believe that has something to do with it but, am curious what needs to be done.

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Well I don't know how the old TCS system worked but the newer one work by cutting fuel which would have valves in the system, also possible it works off the ABS, maybe someone who knows can chime in

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2 hours ago, Ol' Dirty Noodle said:

Don't know why there is an issue with responding.  Anyhow, I am guessing that since finding any real info on this code then it must not be a serious issue or is piggy-backing off of the P0172 code.

Anyhow, I am guessing that since finding any real info on this code then it must not be a serious issue or is piggy-backing off of the P0172 code. Fixed the responding issue.

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