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On 7/26/2021 at 11:38 AM, Simply Volvo said:

I also produced a 2nd billet angle gear. Been a crazy busy spring / summer.

This unit went to a friend who lives in The Netherlands for testing. He has a highly built 850 AWD that he auto crosses in the dirt with. He has had continual issues with the factory cast angle gear case exploding upon launch when running the car locked 4WD. He setup the case himself with some help from me and he did a fantastic job!
He was able to recently race the car. The case and drivetrain are holding up great so far! Looking forward to more racing.
He is also making use of the forced pinon lubrication system which consists of an external oil pump. For his type of racing this likely isn't necessary (its meant more for cars that highway drive) but we figured it wouldn't hurt to run it.
1. For use with 96-00 P80 with 96-99 gear set.
2. 7075-T6 aluminum
3. ARP 8740 case bolts
4. Grade 12.9 flange to transmission studs
5. Crush sleeve eliminator
6. All factory seals + Timken bearings
7. Factory gear set
8. Factory collar sleeve
1. Reduced seal bore diameter for tighter fit with metal seals
2. Improved M6 bolt recesses

Damn, sweet stuff.


you got off Facebook VS so here I am 😂

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Lots more changes happened this past month.

I installed a clutch slipper which will allow me to dial in the launches and basically just hit the 2 step and then side step the clutch pedal. 99+ P80 clutch master cylinder which has a position sensor that I will use to control flat foot shift.

I added a flex fuel sensor and at the same time thought it would be a good idea to redo the fuel lines in black and switch from rubber to PTFE.

I also converted everything over to black silicone and all vac lines to -3AN and -4AN.

Lastly I built a new intake to practice my aluminum welding and make the bay a bit more presentable. It also fixed a bunch of rubbing issues with the intake.

Lastly I threw it on the dyno to clean up the tune a bit. It made some serious power @ 30 psi. 818awhp/595awtq.


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This is simply amazing! What a wonderful example of research and hard work paying off in multitude. Your experience and shared knowledge help so many of us. I really appreciate your info on the welded VC, something I've ran for years and loved but also had reservations about but now can have some piece of mind. Maybe one day I can have a trick billet angle gear too, AWD is really soo much better than FWD not even funny and I just love these examples that fly in the face of people neutering their cars, soo many AWDs get sacrificed because people don't understand or appreciate the system but it's really a fine system and I'm so happy you are making fantastic use of it. Also your explanation on your videos regarding the various logged parameters and how they relate to performance bottle necking was excellent, easy to follow and helpful. I've showed this build to my family and friends, an awesome inspiration, great work! And 818awhp, that's what dreams are made of my friend, hope you enjoy the ride!

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I specially registered to VS just to say HOLY SHlT MATT, YOUR 850 IS INSANE! I LOVE IT!

Wish SV would return but life > fun stuff unfortunately :(

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On 9/3/2022 at 1:55 AM, Arnie Lee said:

Any chance that this angle gear would fit my 1998 V70 XC AWD?

Im not racing, I just want the car to work, and the Angle gear doesn't seem to be available

Thank you


If yours is actually fucked, and you can't locate a '99 unit, you can make the '00 version work, just have to combine the '98 right outer axle/CV with the '00 inner section, since the casing offset is different.

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