Parting out my S70 - lights, windows, seats have no power

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I'm parting out my S70 so it's in a state of disassembly. This past weekend I went to remove a window regulator for a friend, and discovered that I can no longer roll down the windows, move the sunroof, seats, and the headlights don't come on. I've dug into the engine bay quite a bit and have disconnected a bunch of electrical connectors, but I'm not sure what wiring from the engine bay would have messed with the interior bits like that. 

Parts removed so far:

Fog lights and corresponding relays (I'm just realizing now that I may have pulled one of the Jumper relays for the headlights), Cam cover, dist cap, rotor, turbo, injectors, fuel rail, intercooler and intake piping, alternator (I'm thinking this could be part of the problem?), intake manifold, oil pan, downpipe, and probably a bunch more stuff I'm forgetting

The battery is dead so I was getting power by hooking up my portable jump-starter. The odometer and dash lights come on but that's it. Turning the car to crank it primed the fuel pump and spat out some fuel. 

Is there anything in particular that would prevent the windows and seats from moving? More relays?



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The windows and sunroof are fed from fuse 37 in your pictured fuse box; ck for pwr (12v) there when ign in acc or run position.  Assuming you don't have pwr there, this circuit is fed by the "X Supply Overload" relay, location 105 under cover of same fuse box.  Pull that relay and ck for pwr on pin 30 connector which should be hot all the time (if battery is connected).  That's fed by #2 fusable link in Main box on the strut tower.

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