Volvo 850 t5 conversion

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Hello people, I'm after someone that's successful converted a n/a 850 to a T5. 

Before you say get a T5, sentimental value. 

Anyhow after thinking £900 will do it, £1600 later, I've finally got the T5 engine in. Problem is, injectors won't fire. It'll start with fuel put into the cylinders for a couple of seconds, also will start for a couple of seconds with n/a ecu, confuddled? 

Car originally 95 850 2.5 10v manual 

Engine 97 v70 t5 

Harness 94/95 850 t5 auto/ already wire/pnp

Swapped relays

Have 94/95 T5 auto and manual ecu

Any ideas if the wiring from the ecu to fuse box is different? 

Ta people 

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