Venderbroeck's engine build


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Just a normal headgasket. I don't see a reason to swith to the mls gasked, as I'm not aiming for 400+ hp.
The open diff, and the local crowded road network would make that a pointless exercise.
It also requires a perfectly flat/true deck, and can fail if it is not.
I will be measuring the deflection of the head with a special straight steel stock and some feeler gauges.
I don't expect it to be bent though, as the engine hasn't overheated, and the gasket that came off it was in good condition.

I read the guide on cc polishing here on VS (among many others) which also mentions this.
I tried to smooth the meat around the spark plug best I could, but I didn't want to remove too much material, and lower compression more than necessary.
For detonation suppression, I don't think they don't play a huge role due to their proximity to the spark plug.

Stock seat on the right yes. The lowest angle is uneven on all the ports. This is not a huge problem as there is no contact with the valves there.
For flow it might matter a little, but I don't see an easy way to correct it.
The valve seat inserts don't seem to be perfectly perpendicular to the valves themselves.
So none of the ground surfaces are even (although they are perpendicular ofc). For the contact area width measurements I used the smallest width on the seats.

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On 12/16/2017 at 3:02 PM, venderbroeck said:

Just a normal headgasket. I don't see a reason to swith to the mls gasked, as I'm not aiming for 400+ hp.

This is indeed bizarre why people relate the use of MLS to power. Volvo switched to MLS with stock LPT as B5254T2 (210 Hp) and of course the R T4 (300Hp)

still MLS is a normal gasket, isnt it ? :) All it needs (maybe) is a resurfacing. Its still an OEM part without complicated labor e.g. stainless steel o-ring grooving required for copper gaskets. 

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With normal gasket, I mean a paper gasket which was originally used on this block.
The mls gaskets need a specific finish on both the block and the head. I have seen some of them fail despite having this specific finish done by an experienced machinist.
They are probably stronger than the paper gaskets if they are installed correctly, but as I wont run into the limits of the paper gasket it's not worth the trouble for me. The standard gasket (for my block) will suit me just fine :)

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Ah I found your engine build topic! So this is where the box of goodies I picked up for you are for :D

Looking good! The first time you told me about polishing your head I thought you went nuts... but it ain't the outside that is polished but the inside :)

Way to go Maarten following this thread closely! :)

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