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    • By skatehouse
      For sale.  1997 Volvo 850R wagon with 17” Pegasus wheels. 
      Everything is complete and in good condition.  Runs strong, shifts smooth but needs a lil’ TLC. Mileage is about 190,000.  (Broken Odo shows 139,000) 
      Asking $2000 obo.  
      Located in Oceanside, CA

    • By Jameshufford
      I’ve had my car for a while now and the one thing I’ve watched to learn is diy tuning I purchase the vagcom cable it’s a nice 30 dollar on I did tons of research online because I didn’t want one that sucks I was hopping to use my older obd2 scanner as a pass through to my laptop because it has a usb on the bottom but I couldn’t get it to work, I downloaded tunerpro rt I downloaded the xdf the bins and the adx from the m4.4 wiki and have read the m4.3 wiki I own a battery charger that will easily bring the battery past 13.5v and I have the software that supposedly converts a m4.4 Ecu to not frei from the ac being turned on so now I’m ready to go to the junkyard and get a couple ecus to learn on I’m not going to tune my ecu because it is an original R ecu and I’m afraid to ruin it but I may try to copy the bin from it so I have an r tune, the only real upgrade on the car is the tcv valve is one off of a 06 Saab but it’s the same as the newer Volvo’s but I’m wondering if it is worth it to plug in a m4.4 ecu and deal with all the conversion stuff or just tune another m4.3 ecu maybe find a m4.4 car and grab the injectors too if so which injectors should I look for also I there is a walbro 255 in the Saab that I could use is that worth the trouble to put in the car, I’m not looking to bend rods or pay 300 bucks to have someone do the work that I want to learn and be proficient at I’m very knowledgeable in carburetors and old stuff like that but I really want to learn the ecu stuff especially the oem systems it feels like that is the one thing that holds me back in Being a mechanic  
    • By MasonF
      Hey guys! I just purchased a 1996 850R as a little side project. It's my first Volvo, and I'm excited to fix it up a bit. Need to change the heater core, PCV, flush all the fluids/oil, new plugs, etc.. Drove it home, and it drove really well for being parked for 3 months.
      Planning on a few go-fast parts; new intercooler, boost controller, brakes, and a more efficient exhaust. I've already placed a few orders online, so I'll try and post updates on my progress. If you have any cool parts you want to sell, let me know. :)

    • By superleggera
      Finally, my new to me Volvo 850R is en-route from Texas to Augusta, GA. I've long wanted to build one of these cars into a hell-raiser daily driver. Ever since seeing the light of the 5-cylinder in my friends GT40 S60R, I knew I had to have one.
      I digress, this is my first post on Volvospeed, thank you all for the hospitality. The vehicle should be here in two days, so I'm attempting to scramble together the most preferred parts for a full Stage 0 Tuneup.
      I've looked at the IPD Major Service Tune-Up kit, it certainly seems to have all the necessary parts to bring the car up. However, in the interest of future performance (MORE BOOST), I did not know if there is an upgrade Distributor Cap/Wire/Coil Setup preferential to the IPD one.
      Noticed a few people are using the old MSD Blaster coil, and some other different variations of ignition philosphy exist. What, so to speak would be the best set-up to max out a 15G. I will be adding a MBC, tune & full exhaust in very short order.
      I also noticed the preferred method to flush & fill a transmission is to, let me understand this, flush and fill the 6.7 quart sump 3-4 times with Dexron III H fluid or Dexron 6 fluid, then do a flush with all 10 or so quarts with Mobil 1 or a preferred synthetic, correct?
      Any and all advice and input appreciated in advance.
    • By downshifter99
      Hello, got a 1996 850R Estate (wagon) 170,000 miles and have a check engine light on.
      I got the codes ran : P0172 (vacuum line/hose leak) and C0003 TCS Control Channel "B" Valve 1 (subfault).
      What is this C0003 code? I mean, any thoughts what this means?
      I appreciate any and all help as I am trying to get this squared away.
      I used the search and advanced search tool but came up with nada and can't find any info on the web.
      1996 850R