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Electrical changes Volvo 960 custom

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Hello everyone
My first post here, and this concerns my major project here:

I am building a 1946 Volvo with modern engine etc.

For that I have pulled engine + transmission + the complete electric system out of a 1991 Volvo 960 with B6304 and Motronic 1.8. My intention is to keep everything electric as stock as possible, but because of physical factors (design and/or space) there are some things that I do not have any choice but to change.

First, I have another radiator/condenser/oil cooler/fan configuration, but this is not a problem if I make sure to have the same functions when it comes to switches&senders.

But there may be some issues with the other things I need to change. Those are:
1) I cannot use original cruise control switch, so I must make something with old school pull/push/toggle switches.
2) Same for wiper/washer switch, so - "" -
3) Original AC/heating system (960 had automatic ECC) is too big, so I think I must buy some other primitive/standalone system, either a used one or more probably new from VintageAir. I can use original AC compressor and maybe some lines, that's it.

Since I understand that the ECU is connected with both cruise and heating/AC, I now must figure out how to unplug/change those without confusing ECU functionality, getting error codes etc.

I actually do have some ideas on this, but I need help to make sure. 

Therefore I am looking for help with three things:
First: good wiring diagrams for these systems.
Second: help in interpreting the function of signals/wires from those systems TO/FROM the ECU.
Third: any of those signals/wires TO/FROM the ECU that carry variations in voltage - that is, anything else than plain 12V+/GND open/closed? 

Anybody that can help me?

Thanks in advance!

/Mattias in Sweden

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Interesting project.  I'd recommend and, their forums are far more active than we are, as we only had six active threads here last year,  we don't see much RWD traffic, and the more eyes the better when asking for help.  I could likely help with all of your questions but at the moment I simply don't have the hours it would take available. 

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