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Sorry Dog

I'm Back!... in '06 duds

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Been a while guys, but just picked up a super clean '06 wagon with 124k on the clock.  Wasn't even planning on buying a car right now, but it ain't easy finding one this clean in the 2-3k price range.

I do have a few questions I hope y'all don't mind answering.  My last volvo was a '98 AWD (a tornado ended it's life) and compared to that one, the P2 handling feels much more isolated and floaty.  This has one has lived its whole life on Houston's rutted pavement, so struts are probably worn out.  Will performance springs and struts make it feel more like my BMW 540?

I'm guessing the timing belt hasn't been done but is there a way to guess at whether it has been done?

On my last one I paid another member here a few dollars for a VADIS cd copy.  Is that still the best way to get service instructions and wiring diagrams.

Speaking of wiring... looking to put a little sub in back.  easiest way would be to tap the rear pillar speakers to a line output converter.  Anybody know  the wire colors for those?

BTW - wikipedia says the '06 and '07's got a 6 speed auto, but mine seems think it only has 5... but I read it on wikipedia so it must be right... :} 

I do have upgrade plans for the car and I'll try to document along the way.


Thanks and I hope I don't wear out my welcome too fast.





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Well, figgered out the pillar speaker wires... both sides are grey twisted with a grey/white stripe.  Now just need to figger out the speaker harmonics.  My amp crossover only goes to 50hz (feeding one 12") and the back area really amplifies sounds in the 80hz range which makes it sound really boomy.  Maybe good for thug life type music but bad for everything else.  I'll share my setup once I get it sounding better.

...gots another off topic question.  looking for a way to turn down or turn off the daytime headlights... sorta bugs me.


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