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98 cluster swap to a 2000?

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I am sure it is on here somewhere, but I have not been able to find it. Can a 98 cluster be swapped to a 99-00? I have found going the other way and the answer was no for the whole cluster.

Can the guts be pulled and moved to the replacement cluster so it maintains the mileage and such since the faces are the same?

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You can't just swap em out.

If you want to swap te faces you can, just unscrew them as a whole and screw them back on the other cluster. GL.

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    • By RobT5M
      Hey guys, Rob here. 
      I figured it was time to go ahead and make a thread since this car has been around the community and finally down here in FL for the last 8 years. 
      At one point this used to be my daily, now ive moved on to a 2018 S60 and it has become more of a project/fun/love/hate car. 
      It's had a lot of work and a lot done to it so I guess a little back tracking is warranted. 
      Originally a 1998 s70 2.3 T5 Automatic. 
      Around 2010 I added a OBX Exhaust system, 18t, WideBand, ARD blue custom Tune, various other little things. 
      Around 2013? it went from a 18t to a K24, Manual swap, and RN swap.  The RN recieved a rebuilt top/bottom using new parts and seals before install as well as the tranny. (Lol Tranny)
      Eariler this year (Feb 2018), I managed to kill the engine coming home from a large volvo meet in Orlando (over 120 volvos so I guess thats large)
      (enter the new daily thanks to winter park volvo (chris is my new bestie))
      Ordered up an 02 2.4LPT engine since there were no 2.3's in stock anywhere, and it sat in my garage with the s70 for close to 8 months...  (Hey at least the detail I got before the meet in Feb lasted 8 months riiiiiggghhhttt?)
      After finally getting tired and life back on track from a number of bad events, I sent the car and engine off to Maitland Importers (enter Alan <3 )  
      A week and $2k later, I got 1 s70 back with almost nothing for me to worry about, new control arms, endlinks, engine professionally installed, etc. etc. 
      And this catches us up to now.  October 2018 :D 
      Current plans / set up for the car. 
      (bold installed) (not bold not installed)
      2002 2.4 LPT 
      K24 Turbo
      OBX 3" downpipe / cat back exhaust
      2.5" Intercooler piping with front mount
      Snapp intake pipe
      3" MAF (Currently looking, likely hit a JY for this part)
      COP conversion
      VastTuning Tune
      800cc Injectors (waiting on the mailman)
      W200 Fuel Pump (waiting to see what Aaron wants to do for base map)
      Water Meth System (Would love some input on what to go with)

      IPD springs
      Koni Yellow Struts
      Blisten HD rear shocks
      Upper UMP Strut Brace
      Trunk Brace
      IPD brace that goes under the car (yeah I totally forgot its name)
      320mm front brakes (have brand new brakes, pads, lines, brackets, just need rotors and wheels)
      New wheels because those wont fit with what I have </3 sad no more comets or porps
      New Headliner (wonder what pattern ill go with this time around)
      New sunroof assembly (have it just need to swap old one)
      New boost gauge (cant see my prosport during the day... weird af)
      Pictures <3

      Finished the COP install last night.  Pretty quick install. 

      I'll keep posting as things happen. 
    • By ovlov780t
      Here she is. Putting her up for sale. All offers will be considered. 
    • By Highny
      Hi everyone, I've been a lurker for awhile and manage to find answers to most of my questions with search. However, this one got me stumped.
      I recently got my hands on a 1998 V70 AWD 5 speed manual. The guy who sold me the car said the torque tube's viscus coupling was worn, lucky for me, the car came with an replacement.
      After replacing the torque tube I found something strange with the angle gear. It free spins with the car in gear. So I thought the connecting sleeve was worn. After spending a few hours taking the angle gear out, I found out the angle gear is in good shape(lacking a bit of oil). The splines for the transmission side was jagged and the sleeve was completely worn! I doesn't even contact.
      Does anyone know if I could replace the output shaft from an automatic transmission into my manual transmission? The 5 spd AWD is super rare in Canada, and the US never got this option(from what I've been told). I really want the AWD to work, if not, I mind as well trade it for an actual FWD with more upgrade option(I have Nivomat shocks for rear....).
      Any help and advice is greatly appropriated.
    • By galexie64
      Pulled from another site: "I am now the owner of a 1998 Volvo V70 AWD Pewter Silver/Light Taupe with 191k miles on it. This will be an ongoing project with plans to this becoming a daily driver. I purchased the car on Saturday January 21, 2017 for a whopping $250. The car will need a head gasket (milk shake oil), timing belt kit with water pump, PCV breather system, accessory belt, all coolant hoses, plugs, wires, and cap/rotor. Once I have the head removed I will be able to see if the car needs a head rebuild. The car also need some serious interior cleaning and a left front fender. The car came with good records that ended in about 2011. I'll be contacting the shop that did the more recent work and see if they can give me more info on the car. I'm wondering if the PCV and timing belt were actually done. The car has new brakes and shocks, no oil leaks, no rust, and a fairly clean looking motor. I do need to get an electric fan and replace all the vacuum lines."

      I also picked up a set of ABM headlights with HID conversion for $100 from the guy.

      I'm sitting at a total investment of $420 including the rental trailer. This should be a good project car.
      My first project was the interior. I started by vacuuming the carpets only to find out I had to pull the seats. After pulling the seats I found the center console needed to be pulled. After that I found I needed to pull the carpet to clean the pad. After that I found I needed to clean the metal pan. I don't know how anyone could keep their car this dirty. I'm not going to be able to save the carpet and I'm going to need to source a clean used carpet.

      Under the rear seats:

      Rear floor:

      Under the driver's seat:

      What the car looks like after:

      After a whole ton of work and pulling stuff from the junk yard. I have a really nice clean interior.

    • By JA VOLVO
      I am getting my windshield replaced on Friday. What should come with the windshield?
      I remember reading at some point that the correct windshield should have the rain guides on the left and right sides of the windshield already attached. Anyone know?
      Also, should they replace the seals/moldings on the top and bottom?
      I have never had a windshield replaced, so new territory here. Thanks