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Edgar Beshay

2003 XC70 2.5t timing trouble

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Hello, I have a 2003 XC70 with the 2.5l turbo engine. I was driving down the road one day and I heard a bad knocking noise. I figured it was the rod bearings but I decided to just tear up the engine and rebuild it sorta. So I replace piston rings, rod bearings, head gasket, and exhaust gaskets. Problem is with the timing. I did follow the timing marks on the plastic cover for the intake and exhaust cams and the timing mark on the oil pump for the crankshaft and now there’s no knocking noise anymore when I attempt to start it but it doesn’t start. It cranks and act like it wants to start but it doesn’t. Brand new spark plugs and injectors are spraying fuel with a very strong fuel pump. So I came to the conclusion that it was a timing problem. So I went back took the timing belt off and I aligned al the marks but now I turned the cams clockwise such that the little play in the vvt spring would only occur if you turn the cams counterclock-wise. And I tried to start again. Same deal. Acts like it wants to start but it doesn’t. So i took the belt off again and tried it the other way around. Turned the cams ccw until they aligned such that the play in the vvt springs would only occur clockwise this time and sill doesn’t start. So I took off the sensors on the other end of the camshafts and made sure that the slots were flat horizontal with the head but still no luck. I was wondering if any could help me with any advice. I just wanna get this thing started. 

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I think you are in the wrong vehicle section.  If you have the slots locked on the back of cams and the crank is in its spot, your timing is good.  Once set, just turn the engine by hand a few revolutions and ensure the marks are still lined up.  

Charge your battery until it is nice and hot, then try again.  If nothing you may not be getting a cam or crank signal.  Either will prevent the engine from firing.  Sounds like you are confident in fuel source.  Also research "lawnmower syndrome" - essentially poor compression that can be improved by continuous starting cycle.  

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      Hello all, 
      maybe someone can help me or give me the instructions. 

      I have 2010 year Volvo XC60, 2.4 diesel, D4 engine, automatic transmission, AWD. 

      Problem is for some reason the car does not have turbo boost anymore. Turbo is working only after the cold start 80 km/h and then turns himself off. If the engine temperature is 90C, ignition needs to be off at least ~ 10 minutes and then turbo works again but only up to 80 km/h. And then turns himself off again. 

      At first I had problem with turbo which leaked oil, the bottom part of the engine was all oily. Second problem was smoke in the interior and under the bonnet. Smoke came from rear part of the engine, not from exhaust! No power loss, car went very well. 
      Local service they changed turbo to the new one (used but factory restored) and installed the new turbo. Oil leak was goen but smoke remained. Smoke came same place, under the bonnet, from rear part of the engine where is the turbo. I went back to the service and they did guarantee works. Uninstalled turbo and sent the turbo to the seller, who checked that everything was okay. Before the repairman started to install turbo again he discovered broken plastic tube / pipe which connects two turbos with each other. And I think this was the problem why engine sometime smoked. Also in the service they washed DPF filter. I have not any idea why because with this car I have not any problems with DPF and it worked before the service very well. 
      Ok turbo and tube were installed, at the beginning car works. Suddenly threre was not turbo boost any more. 
      No fault codes / lights in the dashboard. Diagnostics does not show any fault codes. Car is not smoking and starts up well but after the first approx. 300 meters turbo pressure is gone.
      MAP sensor is working, EGR is working, turbo valve /controller (flap) is working. No smoke from exhaust. 
      I suspect that maybe they ruined in service DPF filter or DPF filter temperature sensor. I have no idea how they did this task and this was the task which I have not ordered from him. 

      Any ideas?