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IPD 850 original mesh grill hyper silver bnib

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IPD mesh grill NIP, hyper silver $100.00


a black one of these just sold here for $200!!


paypal preffered

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    • By hcaznacnud
      Hey volvospeed!
      I have just recently installed a 20T turbo, 7 cm2 turbo exhaust housing, NA intake and exhaust cams, NA throttle body and air intake, BOSCH EV14 550 cc/min injectors, and an ARD tune. I did this about two days ago now and when I finished putting everything on the car started up fine. I let the car idle for about 5 minutes, and then took the  car for a test drive. As a side note I have swapped the automatic transmission for a manual M56H transmission, this was many months ago. But, I took the car for a test drive and when I would accelerate the car would not respond to the throttle then would backfire a few times, and would then repeat a few more times before the car lost all form of power and stalled itself out. I tried turning the car over but it would only crank not start. The next day I went over a few things to see what could be causing the issue. I pulled the spark plugs out and there was not a single hint of too much fuel. I next checked the shredder valve to be sure I was getting fuel and yes I did have fuel pressure. When I installed the cams which are both from an NA car I retarded the exhaust cam to -4 degrees and the intake cam to -6 degrees. ARD recommended, -4 exhaust and -8 intake, but I thought this a bit much. Does anyone know if the cams are the problem? The only other thing I can think of is that the tune is goofed in some way. The car did start and the car idled down to a beautiful purr but after driving it, which I only did 1/4 to 1/2 throttle (hard to remember but i know the car had to adjust parameters before I really lay into it so I did not go heavy), the car backfired then stalled and will not start again. If anyone has any info they would like to share please do.
    • By patchyfog
      Hey guys
      So, ongoing issues with the car ever since I started upgrading.

      I had it running, though fairly rough, most recently with an ARD tune. I then swapped to Vast tune with COP conversion, but was misfiring on 2 cylinders so swapped back to ARD for the time being so I could actually use the car.

      This is where the most recent trouble started. The car would not start, it would crank but not actually fire up. After a week or so of trying to discover the problem I came upon the "lawnmower syndrome" write up. I followed the write up and the car actually started, which I was quite surprised about if I'm honest. However now it's a daily game of roulette as to whether I'll be driving to work or getting an Uber.
      It runs awful and sounds like an old Kombi or Bug. It's also going through a full tank of fuel every 250-300kms and smells strongly of fuel outside the car.
      I can't see any leaks.
      Just been trying to start it this morning with no joy. Then I noticed a loud ticking noise from my Snabb TCV (about a year old) so I disconnected the battery as the clicking wasn't stopping on its own. When I reconnected the battery I cranked it again, the car started.
      Could the TCV be playing a part in the non starting/poor running or is it just a coincidence/something else that's going bad?
      Having no luck finding a local mechanic to even take a butchers because it has upgrades, namely 20t turbo, green injectors, water meth.
      Any advice would be much appreciated.
    • By Jesus
      $200, includes shipping
      Longwood, FL 32750
      Haven't had a Volvo for a few years, so this is just collecting dust. Full metal construction with a fresh satin black powdercoat. IPD discontinued this one a long time ago and switched to a cheaper plastic version that looks nowhere as good. Price includes shipping in the continental USA. Happy to include the Saab turbo emblem, which is also metal. If you're able to pick up in person we'll work out a lower price for saving me the hassle.

    • By patchyfog
    • By patchyfog
      Hi, I have the Vast COP ECU and was just wondering if there are any pictures floating around for me to look at to see how guys have done it?  The ones I found on here have all expired.