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4eva's Dad

1998 S70T5M for sale

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Looking forward to pictures of this bad boy! Why the sale?

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Bad left knee and I just inherited my son's 2007 S60R project car, 48K miles and it seems to have exhaust gases in the coolant.  I'd actually get rid of the S60R and keep the S70!

I'm going to get pictures posted tonight.


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      98 99 00 01 02 03 04 VOLVO S70 S40 S80 V40 KEYLESS ENTRY KEY FOB OEM
    • By Bosozoku_Volvo
      I wasnt sure where to post this exactly, but i figure some of you might appreciate this. if you where at ipd last weekend, you might have seen me there!
      I havent started a build thread for it, but i am making a whiteblock swap thread over on TB right now including this project. 
      98 t5 block, custom clutch disc for a foxbody t5 trans, motronic 4.4 with COP and wideband lambda, stock trimmed harness, cut 960 pan, custom mounts, toyota alternator. i dont have a solid video of it yet, but i figure this weekend after i get the exhaust on it and the wideband hooked up, ill see about making something. 

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      New ro the Volvo thing. I've been looking at a s60 2.4t awd automatic parts car. I have an automatic s60 t5 right now. How compatible are the drivelines?
      Same trans control module?
      Rearend and drive shape bolt up?
      Thanks for any help, I'll continue to use the search engine and see what I can find
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      New to the forum and need some advice from you volvo loving gurus. I was looking on craigslist for a comfortable familyish project car and ended up buying a 2006 S60 T5 with the m66 6 speed. I got a screaming deal on it because it has a broken timing belt. I didn't know how awesome this particular model was until i started doing a bit of research. That led to the desire to do more then just fix the bent valves. While trying to find a good used head (not easy to find on this dual cvvt model) I stumbled across a wrecking yard 2 1/2 hours away that has a 06 s60r. I started thinking about what upgrades I could salvage from it and decided to go get the brakes, bumpers, and side skirts. I get there and the side skirts are gone and the rear bumper lower trim was missing so i decided to bail on the body parts. The salesman I called in advance to make sure the parts were available felt really bad amd said "I'll make you a good deal on whatever parts you want" I decided to take full advantage of this and ended up with the following off the s60r: Calipers, rotors, Instrument cluster, steering wheel and complete motor (suppose to run excellent). Total investment at this point $1600 ! Im trying to decide what to do next. I would like 300hp to the wheels but the tune and supporting mods are a bit pricey and at this point im thinking i would like to get it drivable for under 1k additional budget. I'm thinking of ordering timing kit, clutch kit, mt90 trans fluid, high flow Down Pipe. I want your opinions of what would be best to do with budget in mind. I'm unsure of how much HP the stock replacement clutch (30783259)can handle. Also i leak down tested the replacement s60r motor and the valves are sealing amazingly well but 1 cylinder has 25% loss past the rings. Wrecking yard said they compression tested it and it was 140 psi across the board (I call bs). So i start looking the motor over and checked the low cylinder with a boroscope and it looks beautiful! Super nice honing marks still with no visible scratches. The oil looks like 10k used diesel oil (super black). Im thinking the lack of maintenance may have caused buildup on the rings. Im currently soaking that cylinder in marvel mystery oil hoping the may fix the leak down results on that cylinder. I've never been interested in volvos (uncommon cars where i live) until this purchase. So after 2 weeks of reading these boards my brain hurts. All that being said what would you guys do? I realize i wont get the car where i want it with only 1k current budget but i would like to make it easy for when I've got the cash for the tune and exhaust.

    • By RobT5M
      Hey guys, Rob here. 
      I figured it was time to go ahead and make a thread since this car has been around the community and finally down here in FL for the last 8 years. 
      At one point this used to be my daily, now ive moved on to a 2018 S60 and it has become more of a project/fun/love/hate car. 
      It's had a lot of work and a lot done to it so I guess a little back tracking is warranted. 
      Originally a 1998 s70 2.3 T5 Automatic. 
      Around 2010 I added a OBX Exhaust system, 18t, WideBand, ARD blue custom Tune, various other little things. 
      Around 2013? it went from a 18t to a K24, Manual swap, and RN swap.  The RN recieved a rebuilt top/bottom using new parts and seals before install as well as the tranny. (Lol Tranny)
      Eariler this year (Feb 2018), I managed to kill the engine coming home from a large volvo meet in Orlando (over 120 volvos so I guess thats large)
      (enter the new daily thanks to winter park volvo (chris is my new bestie))
      Ordered up an 02 2.4LPT engine since there were no 2.3's in stock anywhere, and it sat in my garage with the s70 for close to 8 months...  (Hey at least the detail I got before the meet in Feb lasted 8 months riiiiiggghhhttt?)
      After finally getting tired and life back on track from a number of bad events, I sent the car and engine off to Maitland Importers (enter Alan <3 )  
      A week and $2k later, I got 1 s70 back with almost nothing for me to worry about, new control arms, endlinks, engine professionally installed, etc. etc. 
      And this catches us up to now.  October 2018 :D 
      Current plans / set up for the car. 
      (bold installed) (not bold not installed)
      2002 2.4 LPT 
      K24 Turbo
      OBX 3" downpipe / cat back exhaust
      2.5" Intercooler piping with front mount
      Snapp intake pipe
      3" MAF (Currently looking, likely hit a JY for this part)
      COP conversion
      VastTuning Tune
      800cc Injectors (waiting on the mailman)
      W200 Fuel Pump (waiting to see what Aaron wants to do for base map)
      Water Meth System (Would love some input on what to go with)

      IPD springs
      Koni Yellow Struts
      Blisten HD rear shocks
      Upper UMP Strut Brace
      Trunk Brace
      IPD brace that goes under the car (yeah I totally forgot its name)
      320mm front brakes (have brand new brakes, pads, lines, brackets, just need rotors and wheels)
      New wheels because those wont fit with what I have </3 sad no more comets or porps
      New Headliner (wonder what pattern ill go with this time around)
      New sunroof assembly (have it just need to swap old one)
      New boost gauge (cant see my prosport during the day... weird af)
      Pictures <3

      Finished the COP install last night.  Pretty quick install. 

      I'll keep posting as things happen.