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4eva's Dad

1998 S70T5M for sale

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Looking forward to pictures of this bad boy! Why the sale?

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Bad left knee and I just inherited my son's 2007 S60R project car, 48K miles and it seems to have exhaust gases in the coolant.  I'd actually get rid of the S60R and keep the S70!

I'm going to get pictures posted tonight.


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    • By DrCrap
      100k miles
      timing belt already done
      its immaculate, i cannot believe i got so lucky.
      Besides changing all the fluids, what should I pre-emptively take care of?
      I'm already balls deep watching shifting lanes on youtube and moosetech who work on c30's of the same chassis model. 

      Some more pix
      i am going to start a youtube series about making this beauty better. thanks to (if you're here by any chance) "Mynameideasweretaken" as well 

    • By lowbudgetracing
      factory volvo key fobs where i work used to be a volvo dealer and some of the left over inventory was a bag of factory key fobs. there brand new volvo parts. they may need new batters from sitting on the shelf for so long. they will need to be programed by the volvo dealer. can be found here on amazon

      set of 4 s60r 18" wheels off 2012 s60r, center has been bored out buy a wheel shop to 65.1 mm to fit older 850, v70 and s70.
      rims are not bent and in great shape 600$ located in concord California
      can be seen here
    • By n8t50
      Hi folks, looking for some help with a misfire/sputter on a 1998 V70 N/A (537xxxkm). Car was throwing some codes for the rear O2 sensor, but wasn't doing anything funny. Coming back from a camping trip, it started to misfire/sputter while cruising at 100km/h in 5th gear. It then started stalling out while at idle. I replaced the rear sensor, and shortly after, it started to throw codes for the front O2 sensor (slow response, and lean mixture), and do the same thing.
      It is fine on startup, but sometimes will have little fits of stalling at idle, and sputtering/missing when accelerating/cruising. When it would stall, I used to be able to get it too restart on the first try, but now it usually takes 2-4 cycles of the ignition to get it to catch. Once I give it some gas and take off, it improves a little, and just seems to lack a little power. When at idle, you can also smell the exhaust, which normally is very clean.
      Today I replaced the front O2 sensor. The car ran well for 30min, then threw the same codes, and started acting up again. I've tested the PCV and the compression, and both are fine. The spark plugs are new, but the rest of the ignition system (Coils, leads, rotor) are older. I'm thinking this sounds like either an ignition system problem, or a fuel system. I'm not sure how to run the normal relay test, because it it is really intermittent with its sputtering/stalling. (Currently there seems to be about a 50/50 chance of it being fine, or acting up when I take it out) I'm probably going to redo the ignition system, because the car needs it anyways, but am wondering what else this could be.
      Thanks guys!
    • By cryptophilosopher
      98 99 00 01 02 03 04 VOLVO S70 S40 S80 V40 KEYLESS ENTRY KEY FOB OEM
    • By Bosozoku_Volvo
      I wasnt sure where to post this exactly, but i figure some of you might appreciate this. if you where at ipd last weekend, you might have seen me there!
      I havent started a build thread for it, but i am making a whiteblock swap thread over on TB right now including this project. 
      98 t5 block, custom clutch disc for a foxbody t5 trans, motronic 4.4 with COP and wideband lambda, stock trimmed harness, cut 960 pan, custom mounts, toyota alternator. i dont have a solid video of it yet, but i figure this weekend after i get the exhaust on it and the wideband hooked up, ill see about making something.