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Old timing belts and Caliper shenanigans

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Just made an account, hello all

Tryna do some work on my '98 V70R, the timing belt is from 2006 I think, rear brakes are sitting at 10% (So sayeth the local mechanic).

Gonna pick up the Power Stop Z23 Performance D/S Rotor and pad kit. Couldn't find any note in the service records of the rear calipers ever being replace, (and the first guy who had this car put nearly 18 grand into it) does it need to be done? 

Also is this timing belt a problem? From what I've read, if it breaks, its a bad time :(


Thanks all in advance. Pretty green to mechanic-ing

Oh shitters, I posted it twice. Off to a bad start

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I would replace the timing belt pronto, replacement interval is 110,000km or 7 years, whichever comes first. I replaced the timing belt on my 850R when the belt was 9 years old with ~60,000km and it was full of tiny cracks. Really the only reason to replace the rear calipers would be if they are seized or leaking or the dust boots are completely shot (in which case I believe you can replace just the boots). If one set of pads has worn down much more than the other that would help indicate a seized caliper

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Do the timing belt.

Anecdotal info on brakes..... my '99 AWD wagon had 185k on the clock - I had the opportunity to get a set of junkyard calipers from a MY2000 AWD sedan with VERY low mileage, like 50k.  I was retrofitting my rear brakes to the later 2000 style AWD, I just grabbed all 4 calipers and rear spindles.  My observation when swapping, my calipers were very sloppy / sticky / and generally pooped out.  I would advise that any car that has gone beyond 150k would benefit from fresh brake calipers though I would say if you are on a budget, just wait until they fail.  I was getting some intermittent dragging on one of my front calipers/pads.  No doubt, they are heavily worn past 150k.

Since you are working with an AWD car, I'd take a look at replacing the rear spindle/caliper set up to the R version (hard to find) or the 2000 AWD type (fairly easy to find).  It is a bit labor intensive but straight forward.  You'll get the benefit of a more modern brake caliper, better pads, and larger rotor.

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Thanks y'all. 

Figure I might leave the calipers, they don't look awful.

Will check out timing belts since I'm down south right now and the lack of a sales tax in oregon is a godsend.

The more I look into my car the more problems I find, I suppose that's just the way it is. 

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Timing belt breaking leads to valves hitting pistons - end of engine.  You should also replace all the pullys/tensioners that have to do with timing belt every other timing belt change.  If you don't know the history of yours, replace them!  An idler pully or tensioner going out will do the same damage.  There is debate on when to change the water pump while you're in there.  It's a PITA getting the old gasket off.  Some say at 140,000 miles (2nd timing belt change), some say 210,000 (3rd timing belt change).  because Volvo OEM water pumps seem to run forever.

Volvo OEM brake calipers seem to last a looong time.  I still have all my original calipers on both my 850s with 190K and 170K.  Just make sure to change out your brake fluid every 3 years or so, and only use the Volvo recommended fluid (IPD sells it)

While you're replacing brake pads, I recommend trying out Akebono Ceramic.  Not that much more than OEM.  All the non-OEM brake pads, I always had squealing from the rear eventually, even with shims.
I also like the Brembo rotors.  They seem to last a long time, aren't that expensive, and most importantly, the rear ones don't surface rust on the hubs.


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