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P2 Speaker Replacement - The easy method, no drilling required!

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This install procedure applies to all P2 models without premium audio. This is a quick and easy speaker upgrade to get ready of those factory paper cone speakers. The front and rears are both 6.5", so you'll have a plethora of options to replace them. I choose these Pioneers for their good reviews and cost effectiveness. At this point anything would be better than the rattling paper cones that are totally blown out. I'm using a PA-200 amp from an S80 to power them, and I'm sure they would stand up to a PA-300.


Things you'll need for this job;

Torx T25

Flathead screwdriver

Cordless Drill

Soldering iron

wire strippers.

After you remove the door panel you can access the speaker. As mentioned above we are NOT going to be drilling the rivets out for the speaker brackets.


First we'll need to gently pry around the outside edge of the speaker to break the adhesive free.


Next you'll need to turn the speaker counter clockwise to release it from the locking tabs. This can a little effort, so you may need to tap the screwdriver with a hammer to get it moving. This is why releasing the adhesive is so important ;)


These next two images are to show the locking tabs on the speaker and in the speaker bracket for clarity.



Now we connect the new speakers. Solder the wire ends to the terminals left in the speaker grill. Use the factory harness to locate the positive terminal, it will be grey/and whatever color. The negative terminal is sold grey.


Finally it's time to screw in the speaker. You'll need some small self tapping screws or use the provided screws that came with your speakers like I did.


And voila, you're done! All 4 speakers should take an hour or less from start to finish. Good luck!



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