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850/S70 Antenna switch pinouts

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A few 850 and 70-series drivers here may remember posts about the Antenna Down Switch for these cars (Volvo p/n 9204656 -- I believe this is specifically for the black switch, not grey, but I don't believe that matters in terms of wiring).  Here's a classic thread that includes a great photo from Mesoam:

My question...  I recently picked up the SWITCH ONLY (black, for the 850 interior) on eBay and am now struggling to determine the pinouts for makeshift cabling.  In my scratchy diagram (attached), I believe Pin #5 is the one that should pass +power to the antenna when the switch is in the ON position.  If so, it would seem that I could splice this power in from the head unit's antenna +power output at Pin #s 1 or 3...

...but what about the embedded light inside the switch?  Would I need to connect another available ground wire at Pin 1 or 3 (which seem to be hardwired together regardless of switch position)?  Or at 2 or 5?  Or... ?  Can't tell this from that image in the 2005 post.

Or might anyone have a wiring diagram detailed enough to show this?

I realize this may be a "play with the wires and figure it out" scenario, but if anyone already has the answer...  Many thanks.


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I take it you don't have a pic-n-pull yard near you?  Would save you a lot of hassle if you had the connector for it too.  I'm looking at a blk antenna switch right now; let me go ohm it out..

I have the black switch (out of S90 or 960; not sure which) along with the connector and pig-tails, so I'll mention the wire colors just as an FYI but don't necessarily assume they'll match the 850.

Pins 1 and 6 are un-populated so can ignore those.

The antenna switch is between pins 3 (red/blk) and 4 (red).  Cut your antenna motor control wire that goes from the radio to the antenna motor and run the two wire ends to these pins.  It's just a switch so polarity doesn't matter.

Pins 2 and 5 are for the illumination bulb in the switch.  Most likely the bulb is missing or burned out so..  But if you do want to hook this up, pin5 is black so hook that to a ground wire, and pin2 is brn/blk so splice that into the plus (+) wire from the rheostat; the one that feeds all the other switches.  Polarity doesn't matter here either (unless you replace the bulb with an LED..) but I went with this polarity based on the wire colors.

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GDog, you're my hero.  Thank you.  This makes perfect sense.

Pin 1 is populated in the switch that I have, but seems to simply mirror Pin 3.  Pins 2 and 5 makes sense for the bulb;  I get infinite resistance across those because the bulb is present but, as you surmised, is indeed burnt out.  No worries -- the down switch is the important part, not the bulb.  I can replace that later, or never.

My understanding is this part was a bit of a rarity in the 850 -- and mine is further complicated by having an SC-901 head unit from a 70-series in it.  I did install the 1999 grey version of the switch in my C70 Convertible about ten years ago, but sold that car a few years back and evidently failed to keep adequate notes on this minor modification.

Thank goodness for Volvospeed -- and for your time.  Have a great evening. 

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