s60r wheels, launch x431 scanner remote fobs Volvo scanner

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selling a set of s60r wheels 18"/7" great condition, straight center hub was bored to 65.1 mm for use on my 98 v70  will fit any volvo with a 65.1 hub or smaller. $800


selling remote fobs, these are all new in box .  the battery's may need to be replaced $25

i work at a former Volvo dealer and these were some of the inventory left behind 


launch x431 scanner , lightly used  looks new i have all parts and papers, im the original ower and can transfer ownership to you with launch. upgrade able software. matco  sells these scanners now


have original volvo scanner for 96-2000 volvos  v70, s70 ,850 , 740, 960, and others in that time frame. can be used for code reading, date and key programing.


willing to ship, shipping on fobs is $10   the scanner and wheels i need to get a estimate   crypto currency  bitcoin  accepted. email me cryptophilosopher@gmail.com parts are located in concord california













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Are any of the fobs available? My 2000 V70r doesnt current have any fobs so I have no idea if these are the same as the originals but if they will work on a 2000 R I'd definitely like to get a few from you.

Also, are both scanners still available, if so how much?

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