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1997 850 Awd

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Hey guys. I’m currently about to purchase a 850 Awd in regent red (I think that’s the colour). I’m just wondering what I should look out for if there is anything. I have a 94 T5 so I’m pretty confident, just entirely unsure about the awd system. Also what kind of power figures can I expect to push through this awd system, and what’s the torque split? I’m guessing it’s front bias? Again I have no experience with the awd, only the fwd so any help is appreciated. If anyone could point me in the right direction for aftermarket parts for the awd that would be sweet.

I’m planning on around 400awhp and daily driven. Yes I know this will be a fairly substantial build but I have nothing but time. Thanks for any help👍🏾

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Not quite the correct subforum.

This video might explain a few things:

If you look on Youtube, you'll find videos of Hussein's V70XR. IIRC, his last dyno results were over 450AWHP while power was distributed 50/50 front/rear.

Change the fluids, keep your tires within spec (it's very particular about this, must be within 3/32"), and don't do any hard launches. These aren't 911 Turbos, RS3s, or GTRs, but the AWD is relatively tough.

There are no direct aftermarket upgrades for the AWD, only the multi-link rear suspension.

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Factory test directions:

"Ensure that the viscous unit remains at room temperature (it was about 45 F outside but best I can do).


– Raise the left or right-hand front wheel so that it rotates freely. The other wheels must be in contact with the ground.

– Select neutral.

– Position a torque wrench horizontally as illustrated (basically attach it to the big axle nut and position the wrench so that it's parallel to the ground with the handle pointing in the direction of the front of the car. Read the torque value.

– Turn the torque wrench half a turn (180) clockwise with even torque for 25 seconds.

– The torque must be GREATER than 50 Nm ( 37 lb ft) during the entire turn.

The test method assumes that all the other components included in the system function correctly. If the torque is below 50 Nm (37 lb ft), the viscous coupling is outside the specification and/or damaged."

After confirming your AWD actually functions:

First order of business would be M66 Manual swap, Quaife 14J install, S60R clutch or Spec setup. Higher output fuel pump. Look for a used R/RN motor to build. That power level will need suspension, brakes, etc., upgrade. Over 350AWHP, many other factors come into play. 

If you AWD doesn't work, you will likely have a difficult time as that setup is different than mid '98 on, and parts are getting rare, even for the later setup (98-99, '00) and interchangeability is limited. Research that. You can start here for getting to know the parts

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