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WTB: AWD P80 Rear ABS Harness

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I recently had a left rear wheel bearing go bad on my ‘98 R. The axle nut was badly rusted and seized, ended up having to get a donor complete rear end from a 99 xc70 and ended up swapping the axle and hub/bearing assembly whole, the axles are the same and the donor bearing was fine.


Reason I’m explaining all this is the abs wheel speed sensor was also completely rusted into the bore on the hub spindle and would have had to have been chiseled out. The donor car abs sensors came out freely. I confirmed the 98 sensors are different than the 99-00 sensors, although they visually look identical and have the same bore. I decided to gamble and I cut the original sensor harness and attempted to splice in the donor sensor (from a ‘99 xc70). The abs/ tracs lights came on as soon as I hit 5mph. 


Either the solder splice altered the resistance in that left rear, or the ‘99 sensor has a different ohms value or both, either way my solution failed.

I ordered a an OEM (blue box) sensor pair from World Pac for $136. Tasca has them for not too much more. I don’t recommend going the used route, even if you found a clean set. It’s a pita job, and not one I’d want to do twice

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