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I wasnt sure where to post this exactly, but i figure some of you might appreciate this. if you where at ipd last weekend, you might have seen me there!

I havent started a build thread for it, but i am making a whiteblock swap thread over on TB right now including this project. 

98 t5 block, custom clutch disc for a foxbody t5 trans, motronic 4.4 with COP and wideband lambda, stock trimmed harness, cut 960 pan, custom mounts, toyota alternator. i dont have a solid video of it yet, but i figure this weekend after i get the exhaust on it and the wideband hooked up, ill see about making something. 


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    • By silent-circuit
      Existing mods by previous owner:
      Black mesh front grill, LED light bar
      Rear badges blacked out
      Sony touchscreen head unit
      1" drop, Eibach springs, coil-overs
      Elevate front mount intercooler
      Elevate TCV
      EST 3" downpipe 
      Magnaflow exhaust with resonator delete
      Pod style high performance air filter
      Hilton Tuning stage 2.5+ tune
      IPD boost gauge
      Just got this a couple days ago, love it already. There are some cosmetic issues to take care of, but it's been well maintained and will make a great platform.


    • By DrCrap
      100k miles
      timing belt already done
      its immaculate, i cannot believe i got so lucky.
      Besides changing all the fluids, what should I pre-emptively take care of?
      I'm already balls deep watching shifting lanes on youtube and moosetech who work on c30's of the same chassis model. 

      Some more pix
      i am going to start a youtube series about making this beauty better. thanks to (if you're here by any chance) "Mynameideasweretaken" as well 

    • By DwayneCar
      New ro the Volvo thing. I've been looking at a s60 2.4t awd automatic parts car. I have an automatic s60 t5 right now. How compatible are the drivelines?
      Same trans control module?
      Rearend and drive shape bolt up?
      Thanks for any help, I'll continue to use the search engine and see what I can find
    • By greenellie
      Hey all! I'm planning on swapping in 'white' 350cc injectors, a 16T, and a '98 T5 ECU in my 1998 V70 GLT.
      Only issue is, I'm having serious trouble finding a T5 ECU! I need an automatic one...
      I've scoured Ebay and various other sites and they all seem to be non-turbo ECUs. I've found R and T5 upgrades online and they're all relatively expensive (150-200 bucks).
      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    • By 06T5M66
      New to the forum and need some advice from you volvo loving gurus. I was looking on craigslist for a comfortable familyish project car and ended up buying a 2006 S60 T5 with the m66 6 speed. I got a screaming deal on it because it has a broken timing belt. I didn't know how awesome this particular model was until i started doing a bit of research. That led to the desire to do more then just fix the bent valves. While trying to find a good used head (not easy to find on this dual cvvt model) I stumbled across a wrecking yard 2 1/2 hours away that has a 06 s60r. I started thinking about what upgrades I could salvage from it and decided to go get the brakes, bumpers, and side skirts. I get there and the side skirts are gone and the rear bumper lower trim was missing so i decided to bail on the body parts. The salesman I called in advance to make sure the parts were available felt really bad amd said "I'll make you a good deal on whatever parts you want" I decided to take full advantage of this and ended up with the following off the s60r: Calipers, rotors, Instrument cluster, steering wheel and complete motor (suppose to run excellent). Total investment at this point $1600 ! Im trying to decide what to do next. I would like 300hp to the wheels but the tune and supporting mods are a bit pricey and at this point im thinking i would like to get it drivable for under 1k additional budget. I'm thinking of ordering timing kit, clutch kit, mt90 trans fluid, high flow Down Pipe. I want your opinions of what would be best to do with budget in mind. I'm unsure of how much HP the stock replacement clutch (30783259)can handle. Also i leak down tested the replacement s60r motor and the valves are sealing amazingly well but 1 cylinder has 25% loss past the rings. Wrecking yard said they compression tested it and it was 140 psi across the board (I call bs). So i start looking the motor over and checked the low cylinder with a boroscope and it looks beautiful! Super nice honing marks still with no visible scratches. The oil looks like 10k used diesel oil (super black). Im thinking the lack of maintenance may have caused buildup on the rings. Im currently soaking that cylinder in marvel mystery oil hoping the may fix the leak down results on that cylinder. I've never been interested in volvos (uncommon cars where i live) until this purchase. So after 2 weeks of reading these boards my brain hurts. All that being said what would you guys do? I realize i wont get the car where i want it with only 1k current budget but i would like to make it easy for when I've got the cash for the tune and exhaust.