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Hello everyone,

I am working on a campaign to bring back the 5cyl Engine but need others to join in and also make the same case to Volvo for going with a 5cyl version of the new 4cyl engine.

I am a loyal long time Volvo owner. I have owned 12 different Volvos over the years and have learned a lot about them and have done a lot of work myself.

We purchased 2 new 2016 Volvo XC70's and I am very surprised with some of the issues we are having but I’m not here to complain about the issues I’m having. In fact I thought maybe I can turn this into something positive so I created an article page about mistakes I believe Volvo is making with the goal of letting Volvo know how a long time owner feels about the new vehicles.

One of the mistakes I believe Volvo is making is going to a 4cyl which I explain on my website. I am hoping to convince Volvo to go back to a 5cyl engine but I need help from other Volvo owners and potential future buyers to contact Volvo saying the same thing.

My problem with the new 4cyl in our 2 new XC70's is although it is an aggressive engine and sounds good for a 4cyl is that fuel economy has been very disappointing. I believe this is because the amount of boost Volvo has to run to make up for having one less cylinder when instead Volvo could have went with a 5cyl version of this engine and run less boost for the same amount of horsepower with the same fuel economy.

I thought Volvo went to a 4cyl because fuel economy was supposed to be better but we feel like we can get better fuel economy from our old 2005 5cyl Volvos. I started thinking if Volvo has to run more boost to make up for having one less cylinder which brings down fuel economy with the new engines then what is the point and why not go to a 5cyl version with less boost?

Now Volvo is talking about an electric supercharger and I feel they are needlessly complicating things and could have reliability issues down the road. If you drive a newer Volvo turbo the response is almost instant so I feel this is unnecessary.

I then started thinking about how this has possibly also hurt sales because I know some people would never buy a luxury vehicle with a 4cyl engine.

This is the article page about mistakes I believe Volvo is making and using the 5cyl instead . . .

Mistakes I Feel Volvo Is Making

I'm hoping I can get others to contact Volvo and tell them that they agree and that Volvo should go to a 5cyl version of the new engine. I would really like to get Volvo owners, fans and potential future Volvo buyers to contact Volvo and maybe take to social media about bringing back the 5cyl with a hash tag #BringBackThe5Cyl

I don't feel like I can do it alone and would need help from other Volvo owners and fans that I am hoping can also join in and get through to Volvo and hopefully we can get Volvo to bring back the 5cyl!

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Not going to happen.


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You have as much chance of getting Volvo to produce a car with the 5-cylinder as you do getting one with a manual gearbox.


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14 hours ago, Zappo said:

You have as much chance of getting Volvo to produce a car with the 5-cylinder as you do getting one with a manual gearbox.


Sad but true.

With their focus on fuel economy and the environment, I couldn't see them ever making another engine again, unless they're going to downsize further. As an enthusiast and someone who is a big fan of their 5 cylinders, it's disappointing, but it's "the future" as they say. That term disgusts me probably as much if not more than it disgusts you, I'm sure!

As far as comments on the V8... I'm a fan of those engines. I was happy to see Volvo develop a V8 as recently as they did (which feels a lot more recent than it was, time flies!), but it's kind of funny to see that and then see where they are now. The XC90 is probably heavier and now has a tiny anemic 4 cylinder. The V8 is able to more effortlessly achieve its power and torque ratings, while with the 5 cylinder it takes a lot more work. Basically, the same issue comes up that exists with the 2.0L engines in the new XC90s... it takes a lot more strain on a small engine to propel a 5,000 lb vehicle.

Plus the V8 is just a good engine... smooth, reliable, responsive... plus it makes a nice sound!

Anyway, your argument for the 5 cylinder is basically in line with why they are using the 2.0L platform in all their vehicles. They certainly put out the numbers, but only time will tell on reliability and longevity. I think the weight of the cars as well as the twin charging of the T6 and T8  trim levels will put a lot of strain on these engines. Who knows, they may prove themselves as the modern day red block! But I don't have high hopes.

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