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Hipcheck and his simple wagon thread

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Hello Everyone,


My name is Steve and here we have a simple 850 T-5 Wagon thread. I have 2 teenage sons and this car will serve as my work car and most likely land into my 14 year olds hands when he can drive. The goal is for him to learn to turn a wrench and maintain a car during that time too. I spent a few months trying to find a 240 wagon and even a BMW wagon before going with this 850. 

The good is the car runs very solid and appears to not have many issues. The engine runs solid, transmission shifts good, etc. The suspension is a mess. I get some shaking/shimmy after 70mph and I feel every bump. 


The first round of parts have been ordered. Over the next few weeks here is what the Wagon will have done.

New Ignition coil, wires, plugs, distributor cap/rotor

Oil change/Fuel filter

Vacuum hoses, Vacuum tree, Fuel Injector O-rings

DIY cold air intake

New front struts & rear shocks

New Motor mounts, tie rods, etc.

New tires

There could be some Plasti dip coming soon to. 


The plan is to get the car driving nice and good again. I plan to get the engine checked out at a local shop this week. Get a full scan done and get the current miles from the computer. Then I can figure out when I will need to do the timing belt. I will also have them check cylinder compression, coolant system, etc

This is not a show car and I am really trying to focus on DIY and bang for your buck.





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research STAGE 0 here.


do that.


yeah, i also passed my car down to the kids.  I've tried to teach them to wrench but they are lazy so that hasn't worked lol.

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So I landed a set of front and rear IPD sway bars!!! I am very excited about that. I already have all the parts to do a complete front and rear suspension rebuild and  now I get to upgrade too!

Do any of you run lowering springs and the IPD sway bars?  What do you think of the combo?

I am scheduled to do the entire suspension this weekend. I just wonder if I should swap out springs while I am under the wheel well. 

I also came into some extra spare cash for this car:

Next up would be all new brakes.

What would you guys suggest for brakes? 

I do not "THINK" from reading online that I can do a 302mm upgrade with my 16" Rims. I have read that some 16" rims can fit 302mm rotors, is that correct? I would like to rebuild them ( all new rotors, calipers, brake lines, etc) and try to get a slight improvement while I am doing the job. 

Thanks guys,



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If you have the stock Columba 16" wheels, 302s will not clear. I believe you can use Perfos (original wheels on S70 and V70 T5).

I would recommend using stainless brake hoses, I've been happy with my Techna-Fit hoses from FCP. It stiffens up the pedal just a little bit, it greatly improved the pedal feel in my V70R!

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