Sell or Trade-In 1993 Volvo 850 GLT?


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Hi all! I'm looking for a recommendation on what to do with this classic car!

This bad boy has 106,250 miles on him and has his fair share of nicks, dings, and minor bruises. The right front sidemarker assembly lens is missing and sometimes starts in 3rd gear on extended drives.

Is there any Volvo enthusiast that would fix this guy up? I'd love for it to go into good hands instead of trading it in! 😀


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you'd really trade it in? what will they give you, a pack of bubble gum and a new Juul pod for it?

Sell it on your local craigslist or bring it to a scrap yard and get $100 for it in scrap.

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Depending on the dealership and the offers you could get anywhere from 1,000-4,000+ on your trade in.  
But depending on your local market you could likely net a solid 2k for the car if its a solid clean daily.  

It's up to you to decide based on dealer incentives for trade ins.  
Our locals always run those *3k over kbb on trade in* deals around the holidays and labor day is Monday.. 

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its a 93/94 old volvo

where the hell do people trade in cars for what they are worth? dealerships ALWAYS shaft you... how do we know it really has 106k on it


you are saying get in on a "min trade" incentive... even then, in the fine print, dont they say that the car has to be of a certain standard?

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