Maryland - Easton - David Wheeler Auto Park

Adam Franke

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Rating: 8/10

Comments: This dealership used to be a 10/10 a few months ago. They have recently gone through some changes in the whole service department and the head guy got fired, we think, for being too nice to customers. The service now is very lacking. Often disorganized and very time consuming, small problems are often not worth the visit. I think the fact that I know everybody that works there by name helps me get in and out faster and cheaper. The parts are at a decent price, though for customers who visit as often as I do, there is a 25% discount off off the normal price. I can usually get answers for small technical questions there, and it's where I go to get major service done, but again, for small things, it's not worth the time. I must note, that we have purchased 6 Volvos from them before the service change. Maybe after things get settled in the service department, things will get better.

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