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1998 V70R Fuel Pump Question

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I had to replace the fuel pump at 180,000 due to leakage and noise. From experience I purchased a Volvo fuel pump; this pump then failed at 192,000 so I sent it in on warranty (FCP, the Best)
and purchased the identical pump which I just installed.
However, when hooking up the plugs I find that this pump has one extra connection that I cannot find a mate for anywhere so I am asking if someone can help by letting me know either where the
plug goes, or if it is not used on my model. The plug to which I am referring is the WHITE one, a single male connector with a BLACK wire going to it, in the center of the photo between the two black plugs.
Many Thanks in advance.


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I would guess black wire is a ground? if it goes back together and doesn't work, run that somewhere on the chassis so that it can be grounded and go from there. 
Weird though!

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