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Ecu volvo S40 T4 upgrade

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Hola a todos, actualmente tengo un turbo T19, tubo de descarga de 3 "bsr y escape completo de 2'5" bsr, sobredimensionado marca kl intercooler, inyectores Bosch ev14 de 630cc, actuador de forja y válvula de recirculación de forja, pistón y filtro cónico bsr, tengo Un ajuste en la ECU hecho en España por trl y tengo 300 HP. Mi pregunta es, tengo otro ecu que me gustaría ajustar para exprimir la máxima potencia del automóvil, ¿sabes dónde podría enviarlo? Gracias

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      For sale R exhaust manifold,2007 car, no cracks or broken studs, great upgrade for turbo cars.
      pm me for ore details.
      *** TREAD UPDATED***
      So after the harsh winter and a few trip to the pothole-land NYC I pull the "trigger" on the CXRacing set on e-bay, delivery was very fast and the whole package was quite heavy.

      So I bring the whole deal to the NEU BB-Q"R" in Vienna in order to have other people opinion.

      After a complete check-up I bring them back home to install them.

      Word of advise: spray with dw40 or similar all the suspension bolts/nuts on front/rear lift the car and drop'it ON JACK-STANDS ( DO NOT WORK WITH THE CAR ON THE HYDRAULIC JACK)
      get a beer/soda and wait or clean the rims for a while

      I start with the sway link ,
      then the ABS sensor in order to avoid any unwanted damages,
      get loose the two big bolts (LEAVE ONE IN TO HOLD THE WHOLE SPINDLE)

      support from underneath the spindle(disk/axle bearing ) in order to prevent from falling forward and damage the axle/brake hose.
      now you can take the top 3 nuts off, slide out the big side bolt and carefully take out the heavy and rusty part.

      Out of the box the front's are way shorter than stock shock/ipd black combination, only weight is almost the same.
      do not get tricked by the length,out of box set up is very high.
      I insert (screw in) the main cylinder until the bottom edge of the bracket holder, see pic
      the silver circle is the bottom of the coil (still have apr 1 to 2 inch to get lower)
      the coil is nicely painted/welded and for the biggest relax the sway link tab is positioned perfectly and welded professionally ,in short is STRONG!

      after you choose your height tighten well the aluminium big nuts with the special keys that came with the set.

      the coils fit perfectly in with no problems whatsoever, you crank up the jack/spindle until the links reach the tab

      insert back the ABS sensor connector, tighten well the two big bolts, crank the jack a bit in order to install the 3 top nuts.

      With the wheel on air or on to the ground (under full load) the gap in between the rim and strut/coil assembly still the same apr 1 inch with the Midir's 18x8 and 225/40 tires and 3/4 of inch with the OZ's 18x8 and same tires ALL this with the spindle assembly fully puled outward from top.

      Take out FIRST the 18 mm on the bottom of the rear shock,
      now take out the top 12 mm nut and have a pliers handy to hold the top.
      take the 15 mm nut from under the spring seat, push downward with your foot the whole assembly brake/disk/hub and with a pry bar push out the old spring (do not put your bare hand down there, spring might still under load) IF YOU DO ITS UP TO YOU or your skin

      on the CXRacing rear coilover the adjustable spring perch stay on TOP!
      Shock is adjustable too ( I choose a bit higher set up do to running a temporary set of wheels )

      Install on revers like the stock ones, perch with big washer and 17mm bolt/nut go on the bottom install this one FIRST on the spring area!

      My car set-up:
      front IPD track sway bar connected on the street load, IPD sway links, IPD cherry strut tower bar.
      rims OEM 2013"MIDIR" 18 x 8 ET60? with 225/40 ventus tires.
      First thing you will notice is that when you sit on the car the body of the car will not move/lower at all!!!
      After the first test drive I can tell you the car is flat on the corners at any "legal" street speed, traction is way better than previous set-up and you will feel almost any road imperfection if you choose the extremely rigid bounce set-up!!!
      I DO NOT HAVE any rubbing front or rear with the actual set-up high wise, with two people on the car and the trunk heavily loaded.
      Working on the other pictures at the moment, hope this help others to understand better the safety/performance upgrade that a set of coilover bring to our cars!!!
      Please keep the comments strictly related to the topic, if you can will excuse my grammar/language and length of this post !!! Ciao Tizio.

      *UPDATE AFTER 800 Miles*
      In order to avoid any fears and confusion you might want to get rid of all the loose stuff ,coins/tools/bolts and what not you have in your door pocket, coins holder, trunk THAT WILL RATTLE.
      You will find out the following : your dash its a mess , your wheels are far from round, your tires/rims need urgent balancing, rear OEM strut mount bushing are on the way out .

      After a mix of city and highway driving I check all the new parts that I install for loose ends, missing bolts etc. I came out with empty hands, Is all there in place the way I install'it.
      City and hills: half soft/front and full hard/back (current set-up), the car drives impressive on the tight turns
      Highway: I turn toward SOFT 5 clicks/front and half way/back before a 200 miles trip and the car is smooth and ride close to the koni s.t.r.e.t.
      Today I try the set with 235/40/18 and I have no rub at full lock front ( no liners) and a bit of rub over big bums AKA speed bums on the rear ( no liners as well).
      I still can lower the front at least 2" and 1/2 to 1" on the rear.
      Depending on the rims offset and mfct/model of tires with the 235 I suggest rolling the rear fenders.
      EDIT: here are the pics, thanks.
      Front is at 24 1/2", rears are at 23 1/8" even, with half tank and empty trunk:

      I am torn in between the TA's full set ( )
      that will require this top mount X 2 ( ) in order to avoid changing the top HD seat after miles,
      or the CX Racing full set ( )
      Let me know your experience with one of this two option or both if you have used them, Thanks
    • By Alex1html
      So essentially im putting a TD04 turbo in my 93 940 turbo and i need to know what size fuel injectors i should get to replace the stock one and what else i should look into changing when i upgrade the turbo. Im new to building cars and the Volvo shall be my first. Only looking to make around 350hp when im all done with upgrading things
    • By cruzer555
      I'm selling the R manifold I bought for my C70 but never had the motivation to put on, it is brand new from the factory not used or refurbished! Viva wants $550, Tasca wants $450, I'm willing to let this go for $300 SHIPPED NOW I'm throwing in the R mani heat shield which is lightly used as pictured, a great deal indeed!