Weather stripping - 2007 S60R


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I had a ton of water in the passenger floorboard last winter and after inspecting my weather stripping, figure that has to be it.  Basically, everything along the sides of the windshield is old and brittle, with most of it having cracked away.  The rubber triangular(ish) pieces at the bottom corner are also brittle and cracked.  However, when I go through a car wash, I don't see any water coming in, so maybe I'm missing something.  But anyway, it's probably time to refresh all this stuff.  (I keep the under-hood drainage vents clear, so I don't think it was that that caused the leaking issue last year, but I could be wrong.  My sunroof also needs to be repair/replaced (on of the tracks is all messed up) but when I look at the seal, it does not appear to be letting moisture in, nor does it during car washes, so I think I can rule that out.)

My questions are:

1) Is this something I can do myself?

2) If so, where is the best place to order weather stripping?

3) Can I assume that stock is the only way to go?  I see lots of aftermarket stuff, but am assuming the stock stuff fits the best, unless you folks tell me otherwise.

Thanks in advance.  It seems like I've always had leak issues with my Volvos so trying to hit this one head on and get it taken care of.



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Ah, bummer.  But at least I won't be disappointed if I still have a leak once I replace the windshield weather stripping.  (It is almost completely gone at this point and so is adding a lot of wind noise, so I'm going to replace it anyways.)

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