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Need a technical help for my s70t5 transformation to s70R

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Hi all, firstly ım a new member and ı need some help already thanks for all. 3 mounts ago ı bought a 99' s70t5. My aim is to rebuild it and covert engine to s70r. ı start with under frame all parts changed and upgrated , ı dont write long all parts. then automatic transmission be revised. Finally we focused on engine. Before ı bought its former owner makes a mistake, he changed crank, piston head and piston rod to engine cod b5244s. its already all you now atmospheric 2.4 engine. so exhaust valves damaged due to inner engine high pressure. yes my problem is start in here my original engine cod is b5204t3 hpt now engine's crank, piston head and rods to b5244s my target is to convert it to b5244t2. After my research cranks is all same part to 244s and 244t2 (1825crank) piston heads are different but no idea of rods. After all ı said my plan to change piston head and rods with b5244t2's parts if you share your experience ı m very happy.

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Your 2.0L T5 engine should have a shorter stroke than the 2.3 or 2.4L. I don't know how someone made that mistake of using NA components in the HPT block... not a good recipe for a long lasting engine.

Although I have a B5244T2 in my 2000 R, I'm not too familiar with the part numbers of the rods and crank, or specific differences in these engines. I don't think they are the same as the B5244S being that it's a high pressure turbo engine.

Looking at VIDA, the pistons are definitely different... part numbers will be different depending on the letter code. So, two of the same engine (B5244T2, for example) may have different pistons. From what I remember reading, one specific engine may use multiple PNs for pistons, it depends on the engine.

All VIDA shows for the rods is PN 1270483, which only says -2001. Keep in mind, this diagram is for a 2000 V70R with a B5244T2, so I don't know the PN for the 44S or 04T3.

As for the crankshaft, PN 8250382 for 44T2 -2001, and the 04T3 should use 8250381 (also shows -2001).

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