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S40T Strut Mount replaced with aftermarket......again?

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So the left front side, when turning slowly, was making a noise.....

Mechanic has replaced the left strut mount of the suspension with another aftermarket was only replace 1 and 1/2 years ago?

Then says that the OEM is double the price but does not have the noise problem that has appeared?

Anyone had this issue with aftermarket version strut mount covers?


Also how many kms between wheel alignments?

I rotate ever 10K Kms

Just went for a drive on flat road and swerving at under 10kmh had the noise still there..... Sounds horizontal source not vertical

Planned rotation and wheel alignment but going to check with mechanic again before......

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+1, don't use aftermarket strut mounts, they're absolute junk. OEM only. I've had bad luck with aftermarket suspension parts.

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So he got OEM spacer as aftermarket did not come with same and said he replaced bearing aswell, leaving aftermarket strut mount on?

No sound anymore!

Did a tyre rotation and now the right front centre wheel cap fallen off again after driving.

Seems to happen only front right centre cap?

Anyone get the sticker as they want $$$AU for new centre cap with sticker!

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Yeah but $10-$15 here and no not easy to find one that is decent in AU

Getting them sent from Wish.Com

$5 for 4 of them!
Up to 50% off when sign up and use code: 

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So I finally got the After market centre cap stickers for $4

Did you take the plastic layer off the front of the sticker?

The writing also protrudes the sticker, unlike the original :(

Edit: I tried to align the logos so they were in the same position.

After driving I note the centre hub cap logo is now not aligned with the rear logo, is that normal?

Bloody scrapped front right rim in drive thru ahhhhhhh.




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    • By mynewvolvoexp
      I am a long time loyal Volvo owner that has owned many Volvos over the years and owned P2 Volvos for a long time. I never once felt the need to go aftermarket until my horrible experience with our 2016 XC70 rear brakes.
      After my experience I feel like the TRW sourced rear pads don’t hold up. They are so bad in my opinion I have a hard time believing they are even TRW and wonder if these are actually Lucas since I believe TRW acquired Lucas. If that’s the case I’m not sure why Volvo would have sourced these but I think it would have to do with cost.
      I used to get up to 70,000 miles out of our P2 rear brakes so I know it’s not us. Personally, I don’t buy that it’s due to EPB or increased rear brake bias because the fronts still get the most brake distribution.
      I feel completely screwed because I don’t see any aftermarket alternative that I really feel comfortable with. I know people will throw all kinds of things out there but I need something high quality members have used for a long time and proven. When I say proven I mean original braking performance, smoothness, quiet with no noise but actually hold up in my opinion where I can get at least 30K from rear brakes. The problem I am having is everything is questionable. When I have tried even what were supposed to be quality aftermarket pads with my first Volvos many years ago they always seemed inferior and they always made noise.
      It also seems like everything aftermarket is now ceramic.
      My first instinct was ATE Pads but they appear to be ceramic. My concern is one website said ATE 602736 pads were discontinued and I found some on ebay but it makes me concerned there may have been some issue and even if they are great I may not be able to buy them for very long anyway so this option doesn’t look good.
      My second instinct is TRW has what I think they are pushing as kind of a premium black series pad. I looked at the reviews of these pads used with other brand vehicles and the reviews seem good and say they are quiet with good brake performance which has me leaning toward these.
      Textar was a brand I was considering but I believe that I read a forum post from a BMW owner that put these and Brembo rotors on the rear and said something I think like he kind of feels a delay before they grab unlike original brakes. This is something I cannot accept because I need something with original braking performance.
      I have seen Pagid brake pads but personally I think they look like too hard of a pad where there may be noise or decreased braking performance in my opinion.
      I am leaning toward the TRW Black TPC1307 Pads
      Now for rotors I don’t know if the rotors with uneven wear rings, grooving and scoring I never seen before that you can see in my video are because Volvo is now using a really soft rotor material or just the pads being inferior in my opinion did this. Now I’m trying to decide if I should go with Volvo rotors or try aftermarket.
      The only possibly decent aftermarket rear brake rotor I found seems to be Brembo 09958711. I would NOT go with Brembo aftermarket pads because I think I saw a review complaining about noise even when using with Brembo rotors. My only concern is that I remember when I tried Brembo rotors years ago with my first Volvos Brembo had started putting these stupid wear indicator dimples in the contact area even though none of the online photos showed these. I believe I called them to complain and think I ended up sending the rotors back.
      Also, how low should you safely be able to wear your rear brake pads down to? Shouldn’t you be able to wear pads down to 2 or 3mm safely and as long as there is still some pad material left the rotors shouldn’t be grinding or scored? I know this sounds like a stupid question but I never experienced anything like this. 
      Here is a video that shows the pads and rotors so you can see the wear
      Here is my article I wrote about my new Volvo rear brake experience
      I’m leaning toward the TRW Black TPC1307 rear pads with Volvo rotors and seeing what happens but it’s not a cheap experiment if the rotors are somehow part of the problem and wear like before so it’s kind of a tough one.
      I would appreciate proven suggestions for P3 aftermarket rear brakes.
    • By 78-shaved245
      Ok so I have shaved the door handles and cut springs to lower more 245s than I can remember.  Last week I got a bit more modern and picked up a 01 s60 2.4 turbo at auction for dirt cheap.   The only thing I don't love about this car is the ride height (it's like four miles off the ground).  I want to go low, at least two inches.  Can I get away with cutting these springs?
    • By grasshopperR
      Ok, so I have decided to attempt a full suspension overhaul and upgrade on my Volvo S70 T5M. (Koni oranges, H&R springs, IPD Roll Bars, IPD subframe inserts, New tie rods, control arms, roll bar end-links, strut mounts/spring seats, trailing arm links, trailing arm bushings, CV axles) and I have found a corresponding superior performance type part for each application. The two things I found strange were that almost no performance parts were found for parts 1 and 3 in the diagram except for $600 solid delta links from MPRE (i think) in Sweden with VAT to calculate in after that. I am looking for some guidance, do any polyurethane or similar in performance bushings exist for 1 in the diagram, and does anyone else make a solid delta link (or similar)?


    • By woah4
      Hey everyone,
      I have a question, I have a 2001 V70 XC and a 2005 V70 awd, and would like to swap the suspension between the two cars before I scrap the XC, I know that the XC is Viscous Coupling and the V70 is haldex, but can I still swap all the other components of the suspension to give the V70 the additional ride height? I know the front end should be fairly easy... struts, control arms, axles (interchangeable?) and maybe tie rod ends / sway bar links? But I am wondering what differences if any there are in the rear that would prevent me from swapping to the XC style in the back, but with the V70 rear subframe and diff....
    • By sventastic
      Hi everyone,
      I'm usually over on Swedespeed, but Volvospeed seems to know more into the performance upgrades and I'm looking for some guidance between buying IPD's standard or track spec sway bars. I know there's already threads on this but everyone's situation seems to be a bit different and I'm wondering if I could get some first-hand advice.
      SHORT VERSION: Have a 1998 S70 T5 that I want to autoX and be able to drive in inclement weather/snow/whatever. Leaning towards track spec, but thinking standard will be safer for all conditions, and they will be easier and cheaper to acquire. Also wondering if stiffer sway bars have an affect on front wheel traction on acceleration
      UPDATED QUESTION since the safety aspect seems to not be an issue: How much of a difference does the 25mm rear bar make compared to the 22mm? If I buy the standard bars, at autoX will I be cursing and wishing I had bought the track spec?? They will cost about $100 more than standard, is it worth it?
      LONG VERSION: So, I have a 1998 S70 T5 that is effectively at Stage 0 with a lot of recent maintenance, and more to come in the next few weeks. I'd like to start having some fun with the car and take it to the last 2 or 3 local autocross events of 2016, and more in 2017 of course:)  I have IPD lowering springs that have yet to be installed, and it seems like unless I want a ton of tire squeal and understeer, sway bars should be upgraded as well. 
      I'm leaning towards the track spec bars since their slight oversteer tendency seems like it would help rotate the car well at autoX, however, it rains quite a bit where I'm from since we don't quite get below freezing, and I'd also like to be able to drive the car to go skiing and I'm worried it could be too tail-happy in those circumstances. Is the standard kit worth the trade-off of a bit more understeer for an increased safety factor? Or is the track spec not a big deal when it comes to handling in the rain and snow? 
      I've also read about stiffer sway bars reducing front wheel traction while accelerating, can anyone attest to that?
      There's also a difference in logistics between purchasing the two since I'm from Vancouver, BC: there's a set of standard sways locally for $500CAD, which would be very easy to pick up, and the track spec I'd have to order in, which will be $515CAD plus the potential for taxes and duties at the border (since I will ship to Washington and bring into Canadia). This is a factor since I'm currently away for school, and will only be back in the Vancouver area for about 4-5 days in which time I will have to install springs, tires, hydraulic engine mounts, and sways. 
      Any comments are appreciated, cheers.
      Update Edit: I ended up buying just the 25mm rear track spec bar, and couldn't be happier! Paired with IPD springs the car's handling has completely transformed