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2006 Volvo v70 Part out

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2006 Volvo v70 (120,000 miles) part out list of parts below:


Box #1

Steering wheel

Trunk hatch carpeted trim

Center console



Box #2


Car jack and breaker bar red handle and tow bar

A/C compressor

Windshield wiper motor

Accelerator pedal

Fuel door lock solenoid

Navigation Antenna

Antenna amplifier (green or orange x2)

Ignition immobilizer

Ignition switch starter

Turn signal stalk

Sensor alarm

Seat belt restraints (x2)

Door sill plates (x2)

Metal radio pocket

Volvo plastic radio pocket


A/C control unit

Side view mirror left

Servotronic fuse relay

Trunk latch

Windshield wiper stalk

Overhead light driver front

Rear bumper trim (x2)

Dashboard trim

Instrument border

Rear speaker covers

Driver motor seat controls

Passenger motor seat controls

Gear shifter

Steering wheel column cover

Door speaker covers front (x2)

Center console trim (x2)

Rear carpeted trim panels (x2 one thin one thick)

Front cupholders

Rear cargo upper trim with dome light

Master cylinder


Box #3

Side view mirror right

Wooden door handle trim pieces (x4)

Fuel pump regulator

Overhead dome light rear

Windshield rain sensor

Tan headrest with long spikes

Tan headrest with brackets (x2)

Rear armrest with cupholders

Flip down sun shield left (red wire)

Flip down sun shield right (green wire)

Rear view mirror and wiring harness

Power steering pump tank

Right upper brake light

Right lower brake light

Armrest for front seats

Driver window switch box

Front passenger window switch

Airbag sensor

Rear speakers (x2)



Box #4


Side airbags (x2)

Spare tire

Rear fuse relay box

Rear third brake light

Emergency brake with leather

Rear trunk speaker trim (x2)

Right rear trunk carpet trim


Box #5


All 4 door panels

Back hatch carpeted floor (x2 one thin one thick)

Rear bottom single seat

Single seat leather upper

Double seat leather upper

Left and right rear seat bolsters

Right front carpet

Left front carpet

Drivers front seat

Passenger front seat

Rear trunk hatch trim


Box 6

Braking systems (x2)

Glove box

Emergency brake trim (x2)

Center console back plate

Passenger lower dash cover

Floor door trim (x2)

Front door handles

License plate frame

Seat railing covers


Box 7

Instrument cluster 163000

Radio trim

Shifter trim

Trunk trim (long back piece (x2) and shoulder piece

Floor door trim (x2 longer pieces)

Rain sensor cover

Dash radio storage box

Fuse panel cover

Gas tank cover

Front air bag crash sensor

Rear air bag crash sensors

Air bag impact sensor

Headlight switch

Hazard light switch

Dashboard airbag



Box 8:



On pallet not in box:

Door pillar vents (x2)

Torque rod

Windshield wiper motor cover with seal

Trunk pillar covers (x2)

Left side skirt cover

Right side skirt cover

Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 longer)

Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 shorter)

Trunk trim with cut out for lock

Trunk trim no cut out


Left and right trim railings (x2)



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