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2004 S40 M56 swap

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I'm new to Volvo's. I have a 2004 Volvo S40 1.9t automatic. My transmission is starting to go bad. I would like to swap the stock automatic with a p2 M56. Would it bolt to my engine? What mounts do I need? Is there a conversion kit I can purchase? Anything else I would need to know or purchase for this to be possible?

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    • By silent-circuit
      Existing mods by previous owner:
      Black mesh front grill, LED light bar
      Rear badges blacked out
      Sony touchscreen head unit
      1" drop, Eibach springs, coil-overs
      Elevate front mount intercooler
      Elevate TCV
      EST 3" downpipe 
      Magnaflow exhaust with resonator delete
      Pod style high performance air filter
      Hilton Tuning stage 2.5+ tune
      IPD boost gauge
      Just got this a couple days ago, love it already. There are some cosmetic issues to take care of, but it's been well maintained and will make a great platform.


    • By jondelbino
      I did a manual transmission swap and installed a quaife differential. Once I put the transmission back into the wagon I was unable to shift into 1st and 2nd gear but am able to get into 3rd, 4th, 5th and reverse. Prior to assembly of the transmission I checked the functioning of both of the two brackets. I've checked online for similar problems and the above thread is the closest description of my problem. I have discovered that the black bell curve shifting bracket works in all three positions but it is the other shifting bracket that is more likely the problem. 
      -I've switched the shifting linkage 
      -pulled the linkage cable into the car further and pushed the linkage cable into the engine compartment further
      -replaced the bushings at the ends of the linkage
      -attempted to manually put the transmission into 1st and its is in 3rd
      -checked the the ball joint on the shifter inside the car, it is not broken
      -had car idling for five minutes after driving in 3rd gear, still not able to go into 1st
      -pushed down on shifter attempting to get it into first
      -pumped the clutch a couple of times prior to shifting
      -bled the slave cylinder to the point there is very little play in the clutch pedal
      -looked for obstructions or interference in linkage, it was installed and fed behind the steering column
      -the gear box was not damaged and gears, syncros, were physically in good condition
      I don't think the linkage is the problem, I think it is something internal in the transmission particularly a problem with the shifting lever on the transmission that is vertical. I am able to go into reverse though.
    • By Garageflower
      Hey guys n gals!
      I was recently in an accident and my Vovlo S40 (2004) front passenger door was damaged beyond repair. I called around the local auto breakers and found a Volvo V40 (2003). The guy on the phone said they are the same door but the garage who are going to fit it were unsure so I wanted to get a 2nd opinion before buying.
      Any advice would be greatley appreciated.
      Thank you
    • By kylemoon
      Hi all,
      I'm desperately trying to get my AUX to work. It's built in in the centre arm rest. I have a 'mode' button on the head unit, but it will only select CD.
      What's going on? It's like the head unit either can't see the AUX port, or it hasn't been programmed.
      Please please someone help!
    • By Bpc576
      hey guys. so i just put in a forge wastegate and it boosts great. car is tuned to run 12 psi. the TCV makes the boost all lumpy. anyone know how to bypass the TCV with a boost controller without throwing any check engine codes???