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Reverse lights after manual swap

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Vehicle - 1998 S70 T5 Manual Swapped. 

Main Issue - Reverse lights never got wired up when swap was done years ago.
Current Issue - Reverse lights still not working once wired up over the weekend.

Items checked / Things done
I've wired the reverse light switch from the switch to the blue/grey and blue wires.   (There are 2 solid blue wires, I've tried both)
Brand new reverse light switch. 
While in reverse, lights do not come on.  
Fuse (27?) is good. 


Things on the list to check.  
If Bulbs are good (I looked at them and they seem good but ill go buy 2 new ones just because, unless someone can recommend an LED upgrade.) 
Resistance at switch (planning on checking during the week) 
Resistance / Voltage on the blue/grey - blue wires.  
Possibly tossing the old switch back in to try that. 


Looking for help on the issue, what else should I be looking for or at to try and remedy the issue. 

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Hmm... im manual swapped too... 

My reverse lights only work if I hold the shifter as far into R as possible if I dont, reverse still works fine but the lights wont stay on. im guess for me its a contact on the switch. 

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I'm going to try pulling it all the way back and see what happens.   

Going to have the misses stand behind the car while I move it back to see if anything happens. 

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Ended up being the harness. 

Plug (pulled from a jy car) was falling apart so when I put it on the switch it pushed the connections out the back which I did not realize until last night.  
Fixed it annnnd yep. 


Put 12v from battery to the solid blue for reverse and the lights came on so was able to quickly rule out the majority of the system. 

Reverse lights work perfectly now. 



Greg, your issue might be a switch. 

I paid $16 for a new one from autozone. 


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yeah - i think you are right. its the switch that came with the trans... 

glad you got it fixed man!

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