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Hey from Utah (please move if not in right spot)

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My apologies if this is in the spot. First post thought it was in member announcement.

Hello all from SLC Utah been finding many answers on this forum to few Volvo s I've owned. Right now I am working with a 1999 s70 GLT all stock for now with almost 200k miles. I've been working on getting it to stage zero. Need to replace boost/vac lines fuel filter and while I'm at it going to put a walbro 450 pump in. (I know huge pump for these but I'm parting out my 90 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gsx and figure why buy one when I have that one.) Also planning on using a real Gerrett 60 trim turbo and going to try to fit a back door in/out fmic from my eclipse (dsm) I have many left over parts from the countless I've had. Most are universal like boost gauge wide band apex electric boost controller intercooler piping tial bov/waist gate. Trying to get my hands on a m66 as I'm writing this to swap it into my car once I find the clutch peddle assem. Also going to be trying some retro fit stuff from a 2001 Volvo v70xc that I picked up for $200 with an intake cam leak. Looking forward to making some Friends and all the great knowledge here. ThIMG_20200422_151431_643.thumb.jpg.fc63bb66e00759e1b1a30e79d3fe55fb.jpgthis is my 90 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gsx with a fully built 4g63t manual AWD set up for 550 all wheel hp. With every thing under the sun only thing stock is body and Interior.IMG_20200503_090128_785.thumb.jpg.3118fbfb91460a23fb8cee41f6caedba.jpgThis is Lil Nina my S70 GLT When I first got her. Check out Broken Wallet Customs on FB and Instagram for many of my builds. 

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Not sure if I posted in right spot

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I mean Member announcement sounds good to me. lol. 


Welcome to the Forum.

I don't remember which walbro fuel pump people used to put in but go for it!  

Definitely throw some more photos up when you get a chance.


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