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Used 2004

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looking at a used 2004 v70r with 238k miles on odometer.

Are these motors all used up at that milage?

what are the items on the car that are worn at that milage?

-I bought the car from BMW/Toyota Tech that basically went throught the whole car !
$10,000.00 in just PARTS alone /maintence /upgraded performace parts ..this a Fast Dadmobile with its 6 speed!

Everything..Everything works as it should! Ice cold A/C !

-Factory Bembro brakes
-Inner /outer tie rods w boots
-front upper IPD HD strut mounts
-wheel bearings
-front cv axle boots
-front and rear pads and rotors/e brake shoes and hardware
-bluetooth adapter for stereo and works with steering wheel..
-trailer hitch
-4C and Awd systems work!
-Hilton Stage 2 tune/colder plugs
-Snabb 3in down pipe
-IPD 3 inch stainless oval cat back exhaust
-big front mount intercooler!
-all the factory rubber or plastic boost pipes/couplers replaced
-Viva performance single mass flywheel /Spec stage 3 clutch kit w rear main seal and slave cylinder kit
-Forge CBV
-Poly subframe bushings
-poly upper and lower engine torque mounts
-factory motor and trans mounts
-Angle gear (awd) replaced w low mile unit /resealed and new sleeve installed
-Vive performance wheel spacers front and rear
--Timing belt/water pump/tensioner drive belt
-Full' 0 'maintence was completed before tuning car(15000 miles ago)
-pcv system
-fuel pump and filter
-all fluids changed(coolant/transmission/angle gear/rear diff/haldex fluid w filter/power steering/brake fluid)

this is the maintenance list but the mileage scares me - am I being overly cautious?


thank you for any an all help- I really want one of these dad wagons,



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Looks like a healthy amount of work has been done. Spec clutch gives me pause, there are some know issues with those. If you don't know what you are looking at I would strongly suggest you have a pre purchase inspection performed by a shop familiar not only with Volvo's, but the R line specifically.

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that's a big list not to mention the turbo.  If its original that will need replaced and if its been replaced I'd be curious with what.  Thats some high performance Mods to only stick with the K24.

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Thanks for the info guys- looked at car and it was sketchy as to when repairs were actually made and condition was not as lead to believe- took a pass on this one - the search continues!

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