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850 repeated rear brake sticking

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This one has me stumped, forgive me if its obvious.

about 4 years ago I was about a thousand miles from home when one of my rear breaks started sticking on my 854. I was on a job, unable to deal with it immediately, and the situation got to the point where the rear brake locked up, boiled the fluid, clamped the other one shut, and I had to get off the road for a few days and have both calipers and rotors replaced. If I recall correctly the passenger side was the one sticking.

Two years later I'm on the highway about 700 miles from home and I hear the telltale "snick, snick, snick" again pulling into a rest stop. Brought it to a shop, replaced both rear calipers.

Now I'm hearing it again. Not terribly bad, but its there. What on earth could be causing this? New remanufactured calipers each time.

I'm thinking a bad wheel bearing or some kind of problem with the hoses? The bearings are silent, though.

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Brake fluid flush every 3 years or so is recommended to prevent this.  Basically moisture gets into the system and spawns rust, which eventually causes seized calipers.  At this point suspect you have something in the system that's rusted and it's not being replaced by just replacing the calipers.  I.e. may be one or more of the brake lines, master cyl, other calipers, etc.  Start with inspecting exterior of brake lines, looking for signs of rust.

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