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P80 p2 parts etm turbo downpipe turbine housing injectors

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Bought an 04 c70 b5234t9 to swap


Fuel rail with blues $30

ETM with intake manifold $80

Auto flex plate $30


Sas pump $50

850 x70 air box $50

Exhaust manifold $20

New obx straight flange downpipe $200

Straight flange housing $55 (no cracks)

Stock straight flange downpipe with cat $100

Used td04hl-16t p80 feed ports, little to no shaft play $100

Low mileage (60k) td04hl-16t p2 style feed , no shaft play $200

Snail turbo cnc billet wastegate actuator fits straight and angle flange with 1 bar spring brand new valued $140 will sell $80..

Snail turbo - Td04hl-22t billet 6+6 (td05-18g) wheel extended tip 50mmx71mm with 9 blade turbine. Silicone hd cbv with medium spring 14-18psi

Has 4 open coolant port with plugs

Paid $960 was dropped by a friend and seems have some rubbing when spun by hand. Never installed so essentially new Will sell for $400 fp offers rebuild for $275. My loss is your gain. Good for around 320-360whp depending on boost and fuel.. Possible it's fine but had 2 so went with the other...






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    • By JPittVolvo
      So i have been dealing with the oil cooler lines on my 1998 V70 Awd Turbo for a while. Vehicle has 169,000 miles or so on it now and since i have gotten the car i have put two sets of oil cooler lines on it. I have used the OEM lines each time with new seals etc. Well the second set is now leaking again from the connection at the rubber hose to metal clamping as the usually seem to start leaking at. I dont want to have to do a third set of lines or have these ones rebuilt. I was able to get a hold of the NA motor oil cooler block off plate that it uses instead of having oil coolers. Does anyone know if that would cause a big problem if i decided to put that on instead of new lines? The car is daily driven to work and back about 2 miles on local roads. Never take it on the highway etc, we use the wifes newer mini van for that. I am just worried that iuf i do the block off that the oil might be too high a temperature and burn out the turbo etc. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated?
    • By mynewvolvoexp
      Hello everyone,
      I am working on a campaign to bring back the 5cyl Engine but need others to join in and also make the same case to Volvo for going with a 5cyl version of the new 4cyl engine.
      I am a loyal long time Volvo owner. I have owned 12 different Volvos over the years and have learned a lot about them and have done a lot of work myself.
      We purchased 2 new 2016 Volvo XC70's and I am very surprised with some of the issues we are having but I’m not here to complain about the issues I’m having. In fact I thought maybe I can turn this into something positive so I created an article page about mistakes I believe Volvo is making with the goal of letting Volvo know how a long time owner feels about the new vehicles.
      One of the mistakes I believe Volvo is making is going to a 4cyl which I explain on my website. I am hoping to convince Volvo to go back to a 5cyl engine but I need help from other Volvo owners and potential future buyers to contact Volvo saying the same thing.
      My problem with the new 4cyl in our 2 new XC70's is although it is an aggressive engine and sounds good for a 4cyl is that fuel economy has been very disappointing. I believe this is because the amount of boost Volvo has to run to make up for having one less cylinder when instead Volvo could have went with a 5cyl version of this engine and run less boost for the same amount of horsepower with the same fuel economy.

      I thought Volvo went to a 4cyl because fuel economy was supposed to be better but we feel like we can get better fuel economy from our old 2005 5cyl Volvos. I started thinking if Volvo has to run more boost to make up for having one less cylinder which brings down fuel economy with the new engines then what is the point and why not go to a 5cyl version with less boost? Now Volvo is talking about an electric supercharger and I feel they are needlessly complicating things and could have reliability issues down the road. If you drive a newer Volvo turbo the response is almost instant so I feel this is unnecessary.
      I then started thinking about how this has possibly also hurt sales because I know some people would never buy a luxury vehicle with a 4cyl engine.
      This is the article page about mistakes I believe Volvo is making and using the 5cyl instead . . .
      Mistakes I Feel Volvo Is Making

      I'm hoping I can get others to contact Volvo and tell them that they agree and that Volvo should go to a 5cyl version of the new engine. I would really like to get Volvo owners, fans and potential future Volvo buyers to contact Volvo and maybe take to social media about bringing back the 5cyl with a hash tag #BringBackThe5Cyl
      I don't feel like I can do it alone and would need help from other Volvo owners and fans that I am hoping can also join in and get through to Volvo and hopefully we can get Volvo to bring back the 5cyl!
    • By greenellie
      Hey all! I'm planning on swapping in 'white' 350cc injectors, a 16T, and a '98 T5 ECU in my 1998 V70 GLT.
      Only issue is, I'm having serious trouble finding a T5 ECU! I need an automatic one...
      I've scoured Ebay and various other sites and they all seem to be non-turbo ECUs. I've found R and T5 upgrades online and they're all relatively expensive (150-200 bucks).
      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    • By justanotherhumanoid
      Looking for a TD04HL-16T or TD04HL-18T turbocharger such as the 16T found on 2001-2004 (maybe up to 2005?) Volvo S60 T5 vehicles (for the 16T) or 1999 V70R vehicles (for the 18T). 

      Will replace a TD04L-14T which I believe has both coolant ports on the back.

      San Diego area would be ideal, will pay for a rebuilt one shipped if good rep.
    • By rcgomes
      hello, i buy a 2001 97k klm s60 t5. im reparing the car now, change the belt, plugs, etcetc. Im planing to know now "for save coin" the mods to make after the basic things done. i search rica and BSR flashtune but this is good only for stock turbo after change the turbo is useless. So what you guys experts thing about for mod the car for power widout open engine to upgrade rods etc? i search if i install a k24 turbo (hight spin turbo) this will put the torque enter sooner and maby will bend rods... and if lets say i upgrade for a t3tt4 50 trim turbo gt35?? maby will spin only after 3000k and dont put stress in botton end? 
      can help please? i plan to mod car for around 350/380 hp
      first thing KN filter, snabb bigger intercooler and pipes, Downpipe. thank you for help...
      now the car is stoped because have all parts atock, so plugs, belt, gas filter, and all oils for now. thanks
      skf good brand for belt kit and pump? and mahle gas filter?oem plugs.  thank you