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Back at it.. Volvo Life! 98 v70 GLT turbo

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So I can't stay away.  Lol

I went thru a bunch of 760 wagons (three) and a 940 sedan.....

Now I have a line on this lovely piece!   Maybe just might buy it!


1998 v70. GLT.    High miles.  I've 200k miles.

Gonna drive it today  and throw it on the rack, look it over. 

Anything to be searching for, or to be aware of, on this year and model?  Before I sign and drive and park it outside, and improve the resale value of homes in the neighborhood!!!!

If I get it I will do the normal maint to start (oil, brake fluid, radiator flush) and then tackle a stage zero.  




Thanks!   Big Al 


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Ok, here is the report


The sunroof seal is goofy.  But it works.  Just sat a while.  WD 40 and  Work it out, and open and close a bunch to get it moving.  I did t want to do that, and have it stuck open on the guy!  🙂

The tailgate doesn't register closed, and it shakes a little.   Adjust the latch.  No biggie on either of these right?

The hood cable is stretched, ya need to pull it and have someone open the hood.  Is that an easy fix just the new cable and lubricating the latches?

The tougher stuff.   The door locks are all confused. But work sometimes, so it's not a fuse.  Seems that is I pull the outside handle, the lock on that door starts to behave. 

The wipers for the front headlights are sticking straight up. Any way to initialize them?  If not they are coming off!  Haha

At full throttle, near the top end of the rpm range, the engine will miss.  Almost like it is hitting a governor of some sorts.   Maybe just plugs and wires, and some gas cleaner aka SeaFoam?

And, the TRACS light is always on and won't switch off even when cycling the switch....and the W for winter part of the trans sometimes sticks.  

And....then when it is in S or sport mode, it drives fine.   Sometimes, when in E or Economy mode, sometimes it slips a little , and other times it is fine.   Maybe,  top off and check the trans fluid levels?



Oh! And it does drive straight, and has ok tires, so that's good news!



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