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ecu repair part nr 294 labeled F6.2 (1997 volvo 850 non turbo)

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hi there people, please, if someone would be so kind as to please share a photo of the  above mentioned ecu, but mostly a up close high as possible quality photo of the bottom of the ecu( the side where the cpu is not). im atempting to repair mine as it suffered a major short on the wiring of the maf sensor, ill attach a photo of what im seeking, please!!! 



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    • By greenellie
      Hey all! I'm planning on swapping in 'white' 350cc injectors, a 16T, and a '98 T5 ECU in my 1998 V70 GLT.
      Only issue is, I'm having serious trouble finding a T5 ECU! I need an automatic one...
      I've scoured Ebay and various other sites and they all seem to be non-turbo ECUs. I've found R and T5 upgrades online and they're all relatively expensive (150-200 bucks).
      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    • By mi007
      Can sumone tell me how to read/write the ecu on this vehicle using OBD ? Most tools require ecu to be open in order to ground a pin.
      I would like to do it without opening it. Please advise what tool and software can do this.
      I have dice tool (clone) , any software available ?
    • By TIMObile
      Hey Guys,
      i am from germany and i have a Volvo 850 2.5 20V N/A with a M4.4.
      Its an engine swap from a 2.0 10v with Fenix 5.2. The Engine starts and dies after a second or two.
      I think it is the immo.
      The part number of the ecu is: 0 261 204 293
      is there any other bin file that i can flash to the ecu that the immo is turned off?
      I hope you can help me.
      Thanks guys and greets from Germany
    • By The_Yamsman
      Hello, I am preparing to start an engine swap on my 1998 v70 manual. The donor car is a 18998 v70 T5 awd auto and i was wondering if the ECU from the donor car would work in the manual car. Also any pointers/must do's in the actual swap?
    • By hcaznacnud
      Hey guys and ladies,
      I was wondering if anyone has any information for me regarding putting in an engine from a 96 850 turbo into a 97 850 manual car. Note that the 96 850 turbo has an automatic transmission and a 2.4L engine, and the 97 850 manual has a 2.3L engine. For some background info my turbo model was backed into by a friend and the insurance company claimed it as a loss so the car is now totaled and I am keeping this car and buying the manual version. The reason for this is because since the insurance company is totaling the car it will be more difficult to rebuild this car as opposed to buying another car for real cheap while also upgrading to a manual. I am not going to keep the turbo 850 but I am going to swap the engines and put the turbo onto the manual counterpart. My main question is this, which ECU should I use? To my belief it should be the auto ECU right, because it will have the software to run the engine and turbo but not the manual. Keeping the manual ECU in could damage the engine right, because the it does not know how to run the bigger liter engine along with the turbo which could cause catastrophic damage. I do not really need answers on doing the actual engine swap there is plenty of info on that. I am aware to buy new seals like the rear main seal and oil pan gaskets and what not. I am also going to get a new clutch plate. But any information anyone can give me would be appreciated.