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Hello, greetings, I write from Spain because cars are hardly modified here, I have read quite a few threads about what turbo to exchange and most of them are quite old, I imagine that for 10 or 15 years the thinking about the most modern lpt engines has changed . Currently I am running a RICA stage with a t16 and panel filter, the car has improved a lot compared to the stock, but logically I need more, especially in the high zone, I feel that the car is drowning above 5,500 rpm, I have been thinking on the k24 exchange but i have read some reliability issues and it also has an early reel. At this moment thanks to some threads in this forum I have seen some kinugawa turbos that could help with the high end, but I also heard that some are restrictive at high rev, could you indicate the best model according to your experiences or knowledge for a good top end and A power that is around 350 hp on the steering wheel, I have some blue injectors model 99 t5 with its regulator, it would not be a problem to make modifications to the downpipe or water and oil lines, a greeting and thank you very much

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