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Hi guys. Merry Christmas

Car is year 2007, S60-2.0T , code engine B5204T5. Power is 180bhp and 240nm. Original turbo is 12T.

Auto transmission is 5 speed,  AW 55-51, without semi auto gear shift.

Quite difficult to get S60-T5 2.4 with K24 turbo. The only option is to get rid out of the 2.0T and do conversion, buy S60-T5 donor car (either from UK or Japan ) . But not that easy process, and this conversion job is costly

Now, what if i maintain the B5204T5.. 2000cc engine, upgrade the turbocharger, injectors, fuel pump and finally an ecu remap.?


Before we go further discussion, i need to know what are limitations of B5204T5 engine, how much  bhp and torque this engine can handle within safe limit? (bhp and nm at engine/flywheel ) . 

In my mind for 260 bhp and 320nm-340nm :

Blue injectors. 396cc . from S60-T5 2.4W

WalbroDW/ Bosch fuel pump 200-225lph

TD04HL-16T with billet fins

3” downpipe 



Thanks for any reply











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Hello !

In my opinion, with a 16T and a tune, those 260HP are perfectly achieveable. The stock fuel pump is capable of sustaining the flow for that power level so maybe you could the money for other improvements.

I don't know the limits for the engine but I think up to 300HP in stock internals is safe (same bore as the 2.3T5)

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