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Hi Folks,

I need to put my 2017 Volvo S60 in storage for several months and wanted to jack it and put it on jack stands. The volvo manual is clear on front end placement but has nothing for the rear. Any thoughts on where to place the rear jack stands so as to not cause any damage?


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The manual has you lift the back corner via the pinch weld under the back door by the tire. This is the only place they show for lifting. There is a pinch weld area about 4 inches forward of this, but the manual shows a red X on the graphic to not use it. Curious.....

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I have a '91 240 wagon and am looking for advice on jacking up the rear end. I know there are posts in front of the rear wheels where the standard jack is supposed to go to raise the vehicle, but I figured on using them for my jackstands as they fit so well. I have been told that jacking up on the rear differential is both a great and horrible thing to do. jiofi local html

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      I have some parts left over from my 96 850 that was totaled. 
      Make me an offer. This stuff needs a new home. Your offer plus the shipping listed. Be fair and you will get your wish. 
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      Anybody have experience using an older OEM 940 jack with newer models?

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