H&R Sport Springs - 850, S70, C70

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All four springs fit in a flat rate USPS priority box, so shipping is only about $25 for all states.

These are compatible with 1993 - 1999 850 sedans, 1997 - 2006 C70, and 1993-1998 S70.


H&R part number is 29958. I bought them in 2017, so they have probably 25,000 miles on them. No rust, some light wear spots.

Removed because #loweredlifestyle isn’t for me anymore. I had kids and i got too old, so I moved to the suburbs and returned to OEM springs.

I used to have IPD Blue springs, but they were too harsh so I replaced them with these H&R’s, which I like a lot. More comfy than the IPD’s for sure. But I’m just not in the mood for a lowered ride anymore.
Call or Text 7I7 579 OO83

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