Need help with the sc radio sizing


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I have had several Volvos (96 960-98 s/v70) and enjoyed swapping the 816 for the 811 and 901. My issue is kind of...mixed. I need exact dimensions of the SC radio. I know double din is 7x4 (180mmx100mm). I don't have a Volvo now and don't have a working radio in my honda. I LOVE the sound quality from the 811 and 901. I want to find a dash kit if possible. I understand the SC is an oddball size. Yes I have tried measuring my SC. That's about 7.37"x4.37". That equates to approx 184-187mmX110-111mm. I need help figuring the exact size. I can not find anything internet or market related to this size radio. I need an adapter. Are older Volvos the only vehicles that have this size?

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